1. What is ATM skimming?

ATM skimming occurs when someone illegally copies the data from your Credit/Debit card’s magnetic stripe when you use an ATM that has been installed with illegally modified foreign objects/devices that are known as skimming devices.

2. What are skimming devices?

Skimming devices are objects such as illegally modified card slots or card readers placed by fraudsters on ATMs or any other similar terminals to capture the card magnetic stripe data for fraudulent activities.

3. What does a skimming device looks like?

Skimming devices generally resemble the original device and are placed at the card insert slot to covertly steal card data from the magnetic stripe of the Credit/Debit card.

4. How can the fraudster obtain my PIN?

In addition to skimming devices, fraudsters will also attach a pinhole camera that is usually placed above the keypad to capture the cardholder’s PIN as it is being entered. At times, a modified PIN pad overlay will be placed over the original PIN pad to capture key strokes as the PIN is being entered.

5. What can a fraudster do with my card information and PIN when I have my physical card with me?

The fraudsters will use the stolen card details to produce fake or cloned cards and attempt to withdraw money from your account using your PIN that they have obtained via the skimming devices.

6. How do I protect my card information when using the ATM?

There are numerous precautionary measures that can be taken:

7. How do I change my PIN number?

You may visit any of our ANZ ATMs conveniently located in Vietnam. Our screen flow will guide you through the process. Your new PIN will be effected immediately after a successful change has been made.

8. What measures does the Bank have in place to protect the customer's interest?

ANZ has robust risk controls in place for holistic fraud monitoring and management. We have a monitoring framework in place for ANZ Credit/Debit Card, and are constantly investing in more secure solutions for better fraud protection in the future like SMS alerts for cash withdrawals and live camera coverage of selected ATMs.