Studying overseas

Studying overseas

A great adventure needs a plan.

Banking in Australia and NZ

Banking in Australia and NZ

Banking with someone you know.

Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia

No matter what your plans, we have the solution.

One of life’s great adventures

A new country, a new workplace, a new place to learn, and a new place to live. Moving overseas is an exciting experience, offering a new world of opportunity. It could, however, prove challenging. ANZ is here to help you to make the most of the opportunities and overcome the challenges.

ANZ is not only Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading bank in Asia, but we’re the largest bank in New Zealand, and we’ve won “Bank of the Year” in Australia 7 out of the last 8 years as well. No one knows banking for students or migrants heading to Australia or New Zealand like ANZ.

In fact, we can probably help you years in advance, and no matter where you plan to move. It’s all about planning ahead, and making banking simple and convenient for you and your family.

Planning ahead

When do you plan to move? How much money will you need when you're there? What is the potential impact of a movement in exchange rates?

Take a look at some of ANZ Vietnam’s products and consider how they can assist you with your planning and minimise any foreseeable risks. For example, an ANZ Certificate of Deposit may be an ideal way to secure your money and earn you an enhanced yield.

An ANZ Progress Saver account or ANZ Online Saver account linked with an ANZ Smart account may be the best way to help you save faster for what you want and still enjoy flexible access to your funds.

Just before you leave, ANZ can provide foreign exchange services and make payments, all as part of one easy process.

Are you thinking about investing in Australia or New Zealand, buying a property, or starting a new business? ANZ is who you should speak to.

ANZ is thinking ahead with you, and has put together an easy guide and valuable solutions to help you navigate your move overseas.

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