Once you're settled in - making the most of the opportunities

ANZ can offer a unique network solution to your offshore banking needs whilst you're in Asia. Whether it's through our offshore banking centres in Singapore and Hong Kong or back in Australia and New Zealand, we can draw together a truly international solution for all your financial needs.

The ANZ team in Vietnam can connect you with our teams in offshore sites and assist in establishing arrangements to simplify what can be a complex task of managing your financial position across a number of countries.

Accumulating and investing cash

ANZ Online Saver, Progress Saver, Term Deposits or Certificates of Deposit in either Dong or foreign currencies can help you maximize returns on your funds.

Buying or refinancing property in Australia or New Zealand

ANZ specialises in Expatriate Mortgages. An Expatriate Mortgage is simply a mortgage held by ANZ offshore, rather than in Australia or New Zealand, and may be used to refinance an existing property, a new investment property, or your dream home when you decide to return home.

As an Expat, you get the added benefit of choosing the currency of the mortgage to match your income flows or preference. For example, should you be paid in a currency besides AUD or NZD you may opt to have your mortgage in this currency. You can of course choose to stick with an AUD or NZD mortgage or switch between currencies through the life of your mortgage. Terms and conditions apply, and are subject to ANZ's normal credit policy.

To find out more about an ANZ Expat Mortgage, our staff in Vietnam can put you in touch with a Relationship Manager in Singapore. The Vietnam team will assist you through the application process.