ANZ is conveniently located in the heart of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You’re welcome to come in and meet our own expat staff, ask questions, or use our telling counters to open new accounts, arrange local and overseas payments, make deposits or withdraw cash.

The basics - opening local bank accounts and getting paid

ANZ Vietnam can get you started with an ANZ Smart account for everyday banking, or an ANZ Online Saver or ANZ Progress Saver account for your savings. These accounts can be in either VND or USD. To open an account, simply visit an ANZ branch with your passport and we will walk you through the process.

Accounts in other foreign currencies such as AUD, NZD or EUR can be arranged. These accounts can be linked to your USD and/or VND account.

ANZ Visa Debit card

ANZ Visa Debit card is linked to your everyday deposit or savings account, and allows you to withdraw cash from ANZ ATMs in Vietnam, and any other ATM that accepts Visa both within Vietnam and worldwide. The ANZ Visa Debit card also allows you to pay for goods or services at any merchant that accepts Visa, anywhere in the world.

Internet Banking

With access to ANZ Vietnam Internet Banking, you can check account balances, transfer funds between your linked accounts, order bank statements and cheque books.

Foreign Exchange

Whether it’s about changing foreign currency into Dong, or Dong into foreign currency, ANZ can help with competitive rates, and expert service. Conditions and regulations apply when exchanging Dong to foreign currency.

Domestic Payments

If you wish to transfer money to another bank in Vietnam ANZ can make these transfers directly from either your Dong or foreign currency account. If you want to use your foreign currency account, the amount must be converted to Dong first. To make a payment simply come into an ANZ branch, or send us a fax instruction. Please ensure an ANZ Fax Indemnity is in place before asking ANZ to act on your faxed instructions.

Overseas Payments

To make an overseas payment simply come into an ANZ branch, or send us a fax instruction. Overseas payments are subject to strict local regulation, so restrictions may apply, or additional documentation may be required in order to make an overseas payment.