The Australian system includes Government operated schools (which in most instances only take children living within a certain radius of the school), independent schools run on a private basis, and schools run by the Catholic Church, some of which accept non-Catholic students.

The Government schools are either free or subject to low fees. Independent school fees range from about $6,000 per year in the junior years, (usually from the age of five) to around $20,000 a year at Year 12 (usually age 17 or 18). Catholic school fees fall somewhere in between. If you are considering a private school education, ANZ can help you save for your children’s education with a range of different solutions.

If your children are not yet of school age, Australia offers a range of local government and privately run childcare centres, community based day-care or the option for a private nanny. Costs are partly subsidised by the Federal Government.

Children attending Australian childcare and schools are expected to provide evidence of immunisation against a range of diseases listed in the Australian Immunisation Schedule. You can find the requirements on the Medicare website.