If you intend to rent a home in Australia you will require a bond and proof of address. By activating your ANZ bank account as soon as you arrive, you can organise for your ANZ Access Card to be sent to you within five business days. You may be able to use this as proof of your address.

Rents vary significantly from one Australian state to another with prices inevitably increasing the closer you are to city centres. You can search for rental properties online at the websites listed below prior to contacting real estate agents in the areas where you intend to live.

The same websites listed below can be used to locate houses for sale throughout Australia. They include maps of the areas and information about suburbs including proximity to transport, schooling and other amenities.

If you are planning to buy a house in Australia, ANZ can help you save for a deposit. There are a number of different solutions to meet your saving needs from competitive interest bank accounts to a range of managed fund options.

When you’re ready to buy, ANZ has a wide variety of award winning home loans.