ANZ Signature Priority Banking is an insignia that is synonymous with class, excellence and exclusivity. As a member of the elite few, you are accorded with preferential treatment to reward you for the privileged life you lead.

A dedicated client service team

With a dedicated client service team, you can be assured that you will always receive a high level of service, expertise and attention in your banking relationship with us.

Extensive range of products and services

With an extensive range of products and services, ANZ combines the benefits of local representation with the power and reach of a global banking and financial services group to better help you save for the future and build your wealth.

Regular market commentaries

Receive regular market commentaries and financial news to keep you abreast with the latest market developments. At ANZ Signature Priority Banking, we provide you with up-to-date global market research that enables you to make better investment decisions.

Access to ANZ Signature Priority Banking centres

Enjoy exclusive access to our ANZ Signature Priority Banking centres that gives you the privacy you need to perform your banking transactions. You can discuss your portfolio with your Relationship Manager in total comfort, review market reports, have a refreshing drink or simply indulge in a little quiet solitude. The place is yours.

Preferential rates

As an ANZ Signature Priority Banking customer, you enjoy preferential rates and waiver of fees and charges on selected banking transactions.

Exclusive events

Receive invitations to exclusive ANZ Signature Priority Banking lifestyle events and investment seminars. We cater our events to suit your needs and help you stay updated.

Member-Get-Member rewards programme

Refer a friend to start a relationship with ANZ Signature Priority Banking and receive attractive rewards for every successful referral made. The more friends you refer, the more rewards you’ll enjoy.

Birthday Treats*

Celebrate your birthday with a complimentary birthday treat from us.

Complimentary access to airport lounge*

Enjoy complimentary VIP access to SATS premier club lounge, a comfortable environment to rest and relax whenever you travel.

Complimentary airport limousine departure transfer*

Be pampered with our complimentary airport limousine transfer to Singapore Changi airport to start you off on a hassle-free journey.

Free parking*

Enjoy the added convenience of complimentary parking whenever you visit any of our ANZ Signature Priority Banking centres in Singapore.

* Applicable to selected customers only. Please check with your Relationship Manager for more details.

Terms and conditions governing  the ANZ Signature Priority Banking Benefits and Privileges Programme


  1. The ANZ Signature Priority Banking Benefits and Privileges Programme (“Programme”) is extended to customers of ANZ Signature Priority Banking. To continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges of this program, the customer will need to maintain a minimum balance of SGD 150,000 and above. To enjoy selected benefits as denoted in “*”, the customer will need to maintain a minimum balance of SGD 1,000,000 and above.
  2. The Programme is valid till 30 September 2013 (the “Programme Period”) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other programmes and/ or offers unless otherwise stated. Any prior programmes will be superseded.


  1. Save as otherwise provided in these terms and conditions, all benefits and privileges are not exchangeable for cash, credit or kind.
  2. Should the benefits and privileges be unavailable, the Bank reserves the right to substitute the same with products or services of similar value without prior notice.
  3. The redemption of benefits and privileges is also subject to the terms and conditions set out by the merchant(s), agent(s) and service provider(s) participating in the Programme.
  4. The Bank will not be responsible for the quality, merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspects of the benefits and privileges. The Bank is not an agent of the merchant(s), agent(s) and service provider(s) participating in the Programme. Any dispute between the Participant and the merchant(s), in respect of any benefits and privileges shall be resolved directly between the Participant and the merchant(s). The Bank shall not be liable to the Participant for any loss, or cost of damages of any kind resulting from the use of the benefits and privileges, and the Participant shall indemnify the Bank for any claims, actions, losses, damages or costs (including legal costs of a full indemnity basis) made against or incurred by the Bank in connection therewith.
  5. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and the participants in the Programme irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.
  6. The Bank reserves the right at its sole discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  7. A person who is not party to any agreement governed by these terms and conditions shall have no right under the contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B) to enforce any of these terms and conditions.


Please note that the above is published for information and general circulation purposes only and does not constitute nor purport to constitute any form of advice, recommendation or offer to sell or issue, or invitation to offer, or solicitation, to buy, invest in or subscribe for any product or service, and any representation or warranty in respect of any product or service. This product may not be offered or sold within the United States or to or for the benefit of US persons. Neither this document, nor any copy thereof may be sent or taken into the United States or distributed in the United States or to a US person.