Universal life insurance allows you to enhance and protect your wealth during your lifetime, as well as ensuring the smooth transfer of your legacy via payment of a lump-sum benefit upon your death.

An investment component provides a minimum guaranteed return throughout the life of the policy. There is a cash value from which partial withdrawals can be made without impacting the lump-sum benefit (conditions apply). You can surrender the policy at any time (charges may apply).

Premium options in include a single premium payment up front, or payments over multiple years. If required, premium financing can be arranged, to assist in purchasing the policy.

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Insurance products are underwritten by various insurance companies, and not an obligation of, deposit in or guaranteed by ANZ, and subject to the insurer's acceptance and terms, conditions and exclusions thereto. You may face adverse interest rate or foreign currency exposure through the purchase and premium financing of insurance products. Your ability to nominate beneficiaries is subject to our security rights under the premium financing.