ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan is a personal loan drawn on your ANZ MoneyLine line of credit account to provide you extra cash to support your lifestyle needs and desires while managing your cash flow with equal monthly instalments.

With a credit limit of up to 4 times your monthly income, you can maximise life’s opportunities and turn your dream into reality.

Apply for ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan and draw down an ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan from your MoneyLine account today to enjoy the following benefits:

Apply for ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan today and enjoy the following benefits:

Up to $1,388 Cash Back on your approved loan
Approved Loan Amount Cash Back Amount Cash Back Cap
Less than $30,000 2% of approved loan amount
$30,000 or more 2.5% of approved loan amount

ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan Interest Rates

Promotional Flat Interest Rate p.a. (EIR+ p.a.)
Tenure (i) Loan
(ii) Loan Amount 
S$15,000 to
below S$30,000
(iii) Loan amount
S$30,000 and
12 months 7.2% (14.29%) 6.8% (12.93%) 6.6% (12.22%)
24 months 7.2% (13.94%) 6.8% (12.88%) 6.6% (12.33%)
36 months 7.8% (14.67%) 7.2% (13.40%) 6.6% (12.22%)
48 months 7.8% (14.37%) 7.2% (13.18%) 6.6% (12.07%)
60 months 7.8% (14.10%) 7.2% (12.97%) 6.6% (11.90%)

A one-time processing fee of S$80 is applicable for all loan tenures. Loan amounts referred to in the table are approved loan amounts.

+ The Effective Interest Rate is calculated taking into consideration the $80 processing fee and based on an approved loan amount of S$12,000 under loan category (i); an approved loan amount of S$25,000 under loan category (ii); and an approved loan amount of S$60,000 under loan category.


1. For $1,388 Cash Back Promotion:
Approved Loan Amount Cashback on Approved Loan Amount(Subject to a cap of $1,308) Credit awarded for $80 Processing Fee Online Exclusive Cashback
$10,000 (2% of 10,000) = $200 $80 $280
$20,000 (2% of 20,000) = $400 $80 $480
$30,000 (2.5% of 30,000) = $750 $80 $830
$50,000 (2.5% of 50,000) = $1250 $80 $1,330
$75,000 (2.5% of 75,000) = $1308 (cashback cap) $80 $1,388

Note: The above table is presented for illustration purposes only, and is subject to ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan Term and Conditions and Promotion Term and conditions.

2. For Loan repayment
Illustration based on term loan amount of S$12,000 for 12 months (based on interest rate of 7.2% p.a.) Amount payable per month  
Monthly Principal + Interest Amount S$1,072.00


  • A processing fee of S$80 shall be debited upfront from your ANZ MoneyLine account and shall  not be refundable in any event.
  • The term loan interest rate will expire at the end of the term loan tenure. Thereafter, the term loan interest rate will be adjusted to the prevailing rate of 19.88%p.a.


Choose to pay either of the following each month:
Payment Option 1:
Total Monthly Term Loan Outstanding
Payment Option 2:
Minimum Payment Amount Required (3% of total monthly outstanding)

If Payment Option 2 is chosen:

  • The remaining outstanding of S$1,039.84 (S$1,072.00 - S$32.16) will be charged at the prevailing interest rate of 19.88% p.a.
  • In any particular month during the tenure of the ANZ MoneyLine term loan, the term loan amount will not be fully repaid by end of the term loan tenure and any remaining outstanding loan balance will be charged at the prevailing interest rate of 19.88% p.a.

The above table is for illustration purposes.

Apply now

Access same day cash disbursement with ANZ MoneyLine Express when you apply online or with the ANZ MoneyLine Express PDF application form (PDF 212kB).

1. Application processed and approved with the same day
Enjoy same day approval by simply submitting your application with supporting documents* before 10.45am on a business day (Monday – Friday excluding Public Holidays).
2. Access cash within 24 hours
Withdraw your cash** on the same day or opt for disbursement of cash via fund transfer#, effected on the next business day.
3. Processing Fee
A nominal fee of S$50 will be charged upon approval of ANZ MoneyLine account.

** Cash collection over branch counter is only available on a business day. (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. Operating hours are from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm).

# Cash will be available to you on the next business day if you opt for Fund Transfer.

Eligibility Criteria

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Resident

  • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents: Minimum income of S$30,000 p.a.
  • Foreigners: Minimum income of S$60,000 p.a.
  • Between 21 and 65 years of age.

Documents Required

  • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents: Copy of your Identification Card (front and back) and with the following documents.
  • Foreigners: Copy of your valid Employment Pass (valid for at least 9 months) and copy of your Passport and Proof of residence and with the following documents.

For Salaried Employees

  • Latest computerised payslip or
  • CPF Statement for the last 6 months or
  • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment (accompanied with the latest computerised payslip or CPF Statement for the last 6 months).

For Self-Employed

Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last 2 years.

For Commission-based Earners

  • CPF Statement for the last 6 months or
  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last 2 years or
  • Commission Statement from your company for the last 6 months.

Q. What’s the benefit of drawing down an ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan from an ANZ MoneyLine account?

A. The ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan provides ANZ MoneyLine customers with extra cash and the convenience of fixed monthly repayments over a fixed time period. This personal loan facility allows ANZ MoneyLine Customers the flexibility to choose from 5 repayment periods of 12 to 60 months at attractive low interest rates.

Q. How do I request for a term loan draw down from an ANZ MoneyLine account?

A. For customers without an ANZ MoneyLine account, they can request for draw down of an ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan when applying for the ANZ MoneyLine account. For existing ANZ MoneyLine customers, they can choose to draw down a term loan online or call our 24-hour Customer Service at 1800 269 2269.

Q. What is the maximum term loan amount that I may request for?

A. The maximum term loan amount shall not exceed 95% of your available credit limit at the time of application.

Q. How is the term loan interest and monthly instalment amount calculated?

A. The interest is calculated on a reducing balance basis, which means that the interest amount is calculated on the unbilled principal balance (and not on the original loan amount) that reduces with repayment of each loan instalment. The monthly instalment amount is fixed but the principal and interest component varies.

Term Loan Amount
Term loan tenor 12 months
Effective interest rate 14.55% p.a.
Term loan interest 7.2% p.a.
Principal loan amount S$10,000
Interest amount S$720
Total amount payable after 12 months S$10,720
Monthly Instalment Amount $893.33

Note: Figures above are simplified for illustration purpose.

Q. How do I know when my term loan ends?

A. The duration of your term loan is indicated on your monthly Statement of Account.

Q. What if I am not able to make the monthly instalment payments?

A. With ANZ MoneyLine, you have the flexibility of paying just the minimum payment amount of S$30 or 3% of the total outstanding amount, whichever is higher. The unpaid instalment amount that is due will then be rolled over at the prevailing overdraft interest rate of 17.88% p.a. .

Q. What kind of accounts can I transfer term loan funds to?

A. You may transfer the funds to any other banks’ credit cards, personal credit lines and savings/current accounts. ANZ accounts are not eligible for term loan funds transfer.

Q. Can I fully redeem the term loan amount before the expiry of the tenor?

A. Yes. However, please inform the Bank if you choose to do so. Otherwise, monthly instalments will continue to be affected. Note that there will be an early repayment fee that is chargeable upon early repayment.

Q. If I draw down a MoneyLine Term Loan from an ANZ MoneyLine account, am I still able to withdraw from my ANZ MoneyLine account via ATM/Cheque/Phone Banking/Internet Banking?

A. As long as you have available credit limit you can continue to withdraw funds from your ANZ MoneyLine account. Furthermore, every instalment payment towards your ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan restores your credit limit by the same amount.

Q. Can I get express approval for my MoneyLine Term Loan draw down request and enjoy same-day cash collection?

A. You can enjoy fast approval and same-day cash disbursement for your ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan draw down request by opting for ANZ MoneyLine Express during your term loan application. Find more about ANZ MoneyLine Express at ANZ MoneyLine frequently asked questions.

Q. How do I make payments to my ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan?

A. Payment can be made using any of the following payment methods:

  • Cheque payment: Mail your cheque and payment advice to Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. Ensure that your cheque is crossed and made payable to your ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan Account No.
  • Cash payment: Visit our Retail Banking Centre to make payment in cash.
  • AXS machines: Payment can be made at over 750 AXS Stations situated island-wide with NETS ATM Card or CashCard. For a list of AXS Station locations, please call AXS Hotline at +65 6560 2727 or visit AXS locations.
  • AXS QuickBill: Over-the-counter payments can be made at Cheers and FairPrice Xpress stores island-wide using Cash and ATM cards. For a full list of AXS Station QuickBill payment locations, visit AXS Quick bill locations.
  • Self-service Automated Machine (S.A.M.): Payment can be made at over 250 S.A.M.™ situated island-wide with your NETS ATM Card.
  • ANZ ATMs: Payment can be made from your other ANZ account's ATM Card at any of our ANZ ATMs.
  • Internet Banking: Payment can be made using the fund transfer service to transfer funds from your other ANZ accounts to your ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan account.

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