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Currency-Linked Digital Investments are available in two variants

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Available currencies

How does it work?

Step 1  Decide on the investment amount
Step 2  Decide on the tenure of the investment
Step 3  Take a view on a currency pair which includes your investment currency
Step 4  Decide on a strike price (reference rate)

On the expiration date, if the spot rate of the currency pair trades beyond the strike rate, you will receive the principal sum plus the higher interest on maturity. Otherwise, the principal sum will be returned to you with lower or no interest. You will be advised, on your expiration date, the interest that you will receive upon maturity of your investment.

Here’s an example
Call variant with a bullish view on currency pair

You place an investment amount of EUR 100,000. Currently EUR/USD is trading at 1.3580 and you expect EUR/USD to strengthen and trade above 1.3680 after 1 month.

Currency Pair :
Investment Amount :
Trade Date :
Expiration Date :
Value (Start) Date :
Maturity Date :
Tenor :
Lower Interest Rate :
Strike Price :
Higher Interest Rate :
EUR 100,000
31 days
Scenario 1
EUR/USD rate
is Greater than 1.3680
at expiration date
Scenario 2
The EUR/USD rate
is equal or less than 1.3680
at expiration date

On Maturity Date (21 June),
You receive an interest of 7%
p.a. on the principal sum of
EUR 100,000 in the base
currency (EUR).

Principal (P) : EUR 100,000
Interest (I) : EUR 100,000 * 7%
* 31/360 = EUR 602.78

Total (P) + (I)
= EUR 100,000 + EUR 602.78
= EUR 100,602.78

On Maturity Date (21 June),
You do not receive any interest
on the principal sum.

Total (P) = EUR 100,000

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Important Note

The issuer will provide 100% capital redemption upon maturity. Depending on the fluctuation of foreign currency exchange rates, there is no guarantee of an investment return. You may only get back your principal at maturity. If you withdraw your investment before the maturity date, you may lose part of your return and/or principal. Any early termination costs such as administration costs, unwinding costs and other unforeseen costs will be deducted from your investment. No partial withdrawal of the principal is allowed.

This is a structured deposit. Unlike traditional deposits, structured deposits have an investment element and returns may vary. Structured Deposit is not an eligible deposit for the purpose of Deposit Insurance Scheme.


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