Important notice on ANZ ATM Card

All ANZ ATM Cards have been deactivated for use with effect 1 January 2015

In line with industry-wide practice to enhance banking security, your magnetic stripe only ANZ ATM Card has been deactivated for use. To continue to access your account via ATM cash withdrawal, apply for the complimentary chip-based ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card which offers additional security and convenience.


How to apply for the complimentary ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card?

SMS UP to 77288 using your Singapore mobile number registered with the Bank.

For overseas customers, please call our 24-hour Customer Service at +65 6269 2269 or email us at

ANZ ATM Cards Upgrade April to December 2015 Terms and Conditions (PDF 76kB)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is chip-based ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card different from my current ANZ ATM Card?
Your existing ATM card can only be used to withdraw cash. Your globally accepted Visa Debit / MoneyLine Card has many more benefits:
Features ANZ ATM Card ANZ Visa Debit / MoneyLine Card
Withdraw cash from ATMs in Singapore and worldwide Tick Tick
Conveniently pay for your purchases at millions of Visa merchants globally   Tick
Conduct fast and secure payments with Visa payWave*   Tick
Enhance security on you card transactions with EMV Smart Chip   Tick
Cash rebate* on your retail purchases   Tick
Enjoy exclusive lifestyle privileges and discounts   Tick

* Visa payWave feature and cash rebate is not available for ANZ MoneyLine Card

Find out more on ANZ Visa Debit / MoneyLine Card.

How does the ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card work?

Like the ATM card, the ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card can be used to withdraw cash at ANZ ATMs and atm5 shared network in Singapore. In addition, it can be used for cash withdrawal at Visa/PLUS ATMs worldwide, signature-based local and overseas purchases, contactless payments via Visa payWave* and card-not-present transactions (such as online, mail and phone orders). The transaction amount will be directly deducted from your account linked to the card.

Should you wish to retain only the ATM cash withdrawal feature on your ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card, you can opt to maintain the point of sale daily limit as zero upon receipt of your new card. This will disable your card for use at merchant outlets and card-not-present transactions like shopping online or via mail/phone. You may contact the Bank subsequently and increase this point of sale daily limit to use your card for purchase transactions.

What are the advantages of having the EMV Chip in my debit/MoneyLine card?
EMV is a global security standard for chip card technology. The chip card complies with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s enhanced standard of data security. EMV chip enabled cards are safer than magnetic stripe-only cards that can be easily replicated. An EMV chip enabled card contains a microprocessor chip that uses encryption to prevent its contents from being replicated. It can store more data that uniquely identifies the card and cardholder. This makes it more difficult for fraudsters to decode or tamper with the chip card.
What happen to my current PIN?
Your PIN remains unchanged and will continue to apply to your new ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card.
Will the new ANZ Visa Debit Card/MoneyLine be linked to the same account(s) as my ANZ ATM/MoneyLine Card?
Your new ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card will be linked to the same account(s) as your ANZ ATM/MoneyLine Card that has been deactivated effective 1 January 2015. However, if you are holding current/savings account(s) and MoneyLine/PostLine account(s), you will receive an ANZ Visa Debit Card which is linked to your current/savings account(s) and a new ANZ MoneyLine Card which is linked to your MoneyLine/PostLine account(s).
Can I use the new ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card overseas?
Yes, the cards can be used worldwide. However, in some countries chip cards are not prevalent and not all terminals can accept chip cards. Your card transactions in these countries will revert to using magnetic stripe instead. Please note that you need to activate your ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card in order to use it overseas.  You can activate your card for overseas use via Personal Internet Banking or calling 1800 269 2269.
When will I receive my complimentary ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card?
Your application for the new ANZ Visa Debit/MoneyLine Card will be processed within 3 weeks. If your mailing address has changed, please update our records via our Personal Internet Banking or at any of our branches.

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