ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan is a personal loan drawn on your ANZ MoneyLine line of credit account to provide you with extra cash to support your lifestyle needs and desires while managing your cash flow with equal monthly instalments.

Draw down an ANZ MoneyLine Term Loan today and enjoy the following benefits:

MoneyLine Term Loan interest rates
Promotional Flat Interest Rate p.a. (EIR* p.a.)
Tenure (i) Loan
(ii) Loan Amount
below S$30,000
(iii) Loan Amount
12 months 5.8% (11.79%) 5.8% (11.29%) 5.8% (10.91%)
24 months 6.8% (13.22%) 6.5% (12.42%) 6.5% (12.22%)
36 months 7.2% (13.64%) 6.8% (12.76%) 6.6% (12.27%)
48 months 7.8% (14.37%) 7.2% (13.23%) 6.6% (12.11%)
60 months 7.8% (14.10%) 7.2% (13.01%) 6.6% (11.93%)

A one-time processing fee of S$80 is applicable for all loan tenures. Loan amounts referred to in the table are approved loan amounts. 

* The Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is calculated taking into consideration the S$80 processing fee and based on an approved loan amount of S$12,000 under loan category (i), an approved loan amount of S$20,000 under loan category (ii) and an approved loan amount of S$40,000 under loan category (iii). An early pay-off fee applies for prepayment of any amount made before the expiry of the loan tenure. The interest is calculated on a reducing balance basis.

Draw down a loan with tenure of 36, 48 or 60 months and receive:

Asus Padphone S

  • ASUS PadFone S smartphone worth $449 with your approved loan amount of $20,000 & above.

Polar A300  Gift

  • Polar A300 Fitness & Activity Tracker and $20 Polar voucher worth total $279 with your approved loan mount of $12,000 to below $20,000.

Offer is only valid till 31 March 2016.

Illustration of loan repayment

Illustration based on term loan amount of S$12,000 for 12 months (based on interest rate of 5.8% p.a.) Amount payable per month  
Monthly Principal + Interest Amount S$1,058.00


  • A processing fee of S$80 shall be debited from your ANZ MoneyLine account in full together with the first instalment and shall not be refundable in any event.
  • The term loan interest rate will expire at the end of the term loan tenure. Thereafter, the term loan interest rate will be adjusted to the prevailing rate of 17.88% p.a.
Choose to pay either of the following each month:
Payment Option 1:
Total Monthly Term Loan Outstanding
Payment Option 2:
Minimum Payment Amount Required
(3% of total monthly outstanding)

If Payment Option 2 is chosen:

  • The remaining outstanding of S$1,026.26 (S$1,058.00 - S$31.74) will be charged at the prevailing interest rate of 17.88% p.a.
  • In any particular month during the tenure of the ANZ MoneyLine term loan, the term loan amount will not be fully repaid by end of the term loan tenure and any remaining outstanding loan balance will be charged at the prevailing interest rate of 17.88% p.a.

The above table is for illustration purposes.

Existing MoneyLine customers who want to draw down a MoneyLine Term Loan from an ANZ MoneyLine account can:

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Telephone icon  Call our 24-hour Customer Service at 1800 269 2269



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