Would an unfortunate event leave you or your loved ones financially stranded with huge credit card bills? It's time to shop for peace of mind. Designed with our new and existing ANZ card members in mind, CreditLife Plan helps to pay off the outstanding balances on your ANZ credit cards.

Premiums as low as $0.37 for every $100 outstanding card balance.


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Making a claim

  1. Download the claim forms here
  2. List of supporting documents required
    Type of claims Summary Of basic requirement
    • Claimant statement
    • Company statement
    • Copy of Death certificate (certified true copy by the Policyholder).

    If death is due to accident or unnatural causes, following additional reports are required

    • Original Post Mortem and Coroner's Report
    • Mass Media publications (e.g. Newspaper cuttings etc)
    • Police report, Police Investigation Report/Findings (if any).
    Total & Permanent Disability
    • Group TPD Claim Form
    • Physician Statement (TPD) (To be completed by attending doctor)
    • Laboratory / Histology / Investigation Test Report from hospital and/or all related reports.

    If TPD is due to accident, following additional reports are required

    • Mass Media publications (e.g. Newspaper cuttings etc)
    • Police report, Police Investigation Report/Findings (if any).
    Terminal Illness
    • Group Terminal Illness Claim Form
    • Medical Examiner’s Report Form.

  3. For more Information on claims enquiry

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