As a parent, ensuring that your child has a bright future is probably your top priority. From providing your child with a good education to material comforts, you always want the best for your child.

This is why we have introduced our Prestige Junior Plan. This plan is specially designed to provide financial protection for your dependent children in the event of an accident, with 24-hour worldwide coverage to ensure that your loved ones will be safeguarded. It also includes a Child Education Fund benefit which takes care of your dependent child’s education fees in the event of your accidental death.

This plan covers

Affordable premium of just under $0.36** a day.


Exclusions under the policy include, but are not limited to, pre-existing medical conditions, suicide, congenital abnormalities, self-inflicted injuries, drug addictions, hazardous or professional sports, losses due to war, AIDS or illness. Please refer to the Policy for specific terms, conditions and exclusions.

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* Benefits quoted are based on Gold Plan.
** Premium calculation based on Silver Plan(one dependent child)


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