Our Foreign Currency Statement Savings Account offers you the choice to save in any of the eight major currencies: CAD, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, JPY, HKD and NZD.

Product features

Interest rates

Currency Tier Balance Interest Rate (p.a.)
CAD Below CAD 10,000 0.000%
  CAD 10,000 and above 0.000%
CHF Below CHF 10,000 0.000%
  CHF 10,000 and above 0.000%
CNY First 24,999 0.000%
  Next 25,000 - 349,999 0.250%
  Next 350,000 - 999,999 0.300%
  Next 4 mil (1 mil - 5 mil) 0.350%
  5 mil & above 0.400%
EUR Below EUR 5,000 0.000%
  EUR 5,000 to 199,999 0.000%
  EUR 200,000 and above 0.000%
GBP Below GBP 5,000 0.000%
  GBP 5,000 to 49,999 0.000%
  GBP 50,000 and above 0.000%
JPY Below JPY 1,000,000 0.000%
  JPY 1,000,000 and above 0.000%
HKD Below HKD 50,000 0.000%
  HKD 50,000 and above 0.000%
NZD Below NZD 10,000 0.000%
  NZD 10,000 and above 0.700%

Eligibility and requirements

Minimum age requirement

18 years

Fees and charges

Currency Initial deposit Minimum average monthly balance Fall-below fee# (per month)
EUR EUR 5,000 EUR 5,000 EUR 10
GBP GBP 5,000 GBP 5,000 GBP 10
NZD NZD 10,000 NZD 10,000 NZD 10
CAD CAD 10,000 CAD 10,000 CAD 10
CHF CHF 10,000 CHF 10,000 CHF 10
HKD HKD 50,000 HKD 50,000 HKD 80
JPY JPY 1,000,000 JPY 1,000,000 JPY 1,000
CNY CNY 50,000 CNY 50,000 CNY 50

# Waived for ANZ Signature Priority Banking customers. For ANZ Signature Priority Banking customers, SGD 50 will be charged per month if Total Relationship Size 1 falls below SGD 150,000. Total Relationship Size includes deposits, investments and/or insurance.1

1. Total Relationship Size (TRS) refers to the combination of Current, Checking and Savings account(s), Term Deposits, Dual Currency Investments, Securities, Unit Trusts, Structured Products, Structured Deposits, Bonds and Insurance.

"Renminbi" or "CNY" means Renminbi that is traded offshore and governed by the rules and regulations imposed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Fluctuations in foreign currency rates will have an impact on your profit and loss where a transaction involves a foreign currency element. For foreign currency deposits, fluctuations in the exchange rates could adversely impact the amount of interest earned (if any) on such deposits. You may experience a loss when you convert your foreign currency deposit back to your home currency. Foreign currency deposit is also subject to exchange control risk where restrictions may be imposed on its convertibility and/or transferability. You should therefore determine whether any foreign currency deposit is suitable for you in light of your investment objectives, financial means and risk profile.

Foreign currency deposits are not insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation.