Experience all that life has to offer with ANZ credit cards. As an ANZ cardmember, you’ll discover a world of enticing privileges available for your enjoyment.

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Savour delectable dining privileges with ANZ Credit Cards

Enjoy a host of dining privileges of up to 50% off at renowned restaurants and hotels such as Swensen's, Silk Road, Forlino, Singapore Marriott Hotel, Amara Hotels and Resorts and more, when you dine with ANZ Credit Card.

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ANZ StarCash Card

Save up to 18.99% with the ANZ StarCash Card when you refuel at Caltex

Receive up to 18.99% savings on the S$200 ANZ StarCash prepaid card when you purchase with your ANZ Credit Card. You can now save more when you refuel at any Caltex service station.

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Recurring payment

Recurring Payment

Consolidate all your recurring bills on your ANZ Credit Card - no more forgotten bills, no more queues, no more writing of cheques!.

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