Keeping your income record updated is important. It allows us to serve you better and enables you to make the most out of your ANZ Credit Card and/or ANZ MoneyLine facility.

Simply complete this Income Update Form (PDF 84kB) and mail it back to us, together with the income document(s) listed. You may also request for a credit limit increase*. With this increased credit limit, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are in a better position to manage your financial needs.

Receive S$20 cash credit# when you respond by 31 January 2016.

Income documents required:

Salaried employee


Commission-based earner

#Income Update and S$20 Cash Credit Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the S$20 cash credit ("Gift"), customers must successfully submit the Income Update Form and their latest income documents to Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ("the Bank") by 31 January 2016. Please note that if your Income Update Form reflects a lower income than was previously notified to the Bank, the Bank will adjust your current limit accordingly and you will not be eligible for the reward. Depending on the type of ANZ Credit Card held, eligible customers will receive 1,040 Rewards Points or S$20 cash credit(only applicable for customers who have an ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card/ANZ Optimum World MasterCard or an ANZ MoneyLine account). The Reward Points or cash credit will be credited to the customer by 31 March 2016. Customers may choose to keep the bonus Rewards Points for future redemption of any Rewards items. Customers holding more than one ANZ Credit Card and/or ANZ MoneyLine account will have their Rewards Points or cash credited into one account only. Each customer is only entitled to one Gift either as Rewards Points or cash credit that will be credited in their relevant account once, regardless of the number of Income Update Forms submitted. Customers who had cancelled their ANZ Credit Cards or ANZ MoneyLine account prior to 31 March 2016 will not be entitled to the Gift. The Bank reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at its reasonable discretion. Terms and conditions of the ANZ Credit Card Rewards Programme apply.

* Credit Limit Review Terms and Conditions

The permanent credit limit increase application and the preferred credit limit indicated is subject to the approval of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ("the Bank") at its reasonable discretion. The Bank will assign a credit limit based on the Bank’s discretion and in accordance with regulatory guidelines, when you select the option to allow the Bank to assign a credit limit for you. The overall credit limit of your ANZ Credit Card(s) and ANZ MoneyLine account(s) is up to a) four times of your monthly income, b) or higher multiplier of your monthly income as may be permitted according to regulatory guidelines and is applicable to all your Credit Card account(s) and/or MoneyLine account and/or supplementary card account(s). Please note that should your income documents reflect a higher or lower earned income, we will adjust your current credit limit according to your prevailing earned income. For customers who do not complete Section B: Credit Limit Review, the Bank will only update your income record. The Bank reserves the right to request for any additional documents at any time.

Temporary credit limit increase

You may also request for a temporary credit limit increase** on your ANZ Credit Card. Application is convenient, simply call our 24-hour Customer Service at 1800 269 2269 Or +65 6269 2269 (if overseas) to apply.

** Approval and the actual credit limit offered is subject to the bank's discretion.

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