Terms and Conditions Governing ANZ MoneyLine Accounts

Change in Minimum Payment Due

With effect from 15 March 2015, the minimum monthly repayment amount ("Minimum Payment Due") applicable to all ANZ MoneyLine accounts will be revised to:
$30; or
3% of the total outstanding amount whichever is higher, plus any amount in the account balance exceeding your credit limit ("overlimit amount"), and any past due amount
The unpaid instalment amount that is due will then be rolled over at the prevailing overdraft interest rate of 17.88% p.a.

With effect from 15 March 2015, the Terms and Conditions Governing ANZ MoneyLine will be revised. For your easy reference, the amendments are listed below.

Clause 9.1(b) and Clause 9.1(f) will be revised to:
9.1(b)   annual fee of S$70 or of such amount(s) as the Bank may from time to time prescribe;
9.1(f)    in addition to the interest mentioned in Clause 8.3, a late payment charge of S$85 or such amount as the Bank may from time to time prescribe for each instance where the Minimum Payment Due or any other sum due to the Bank is not received by the Bank by the relevant due date of payment therefor; and

The following clauses have been added:

Clause 14.4(t):
security and/or verification and in this regard the Bank may put in place measures to achieve the aforesaid such as making audio recordings of the Customer’s instructions or conversations over the telephone or during face to face communications with the Bank’s staff.

Clause 26.4 :
The Bank may record telephone calls between the Customer or its authorised persons, and the Bank. Such recordings will be conclusive and binding evidence against the Customer for all purposes whatsoever and shall be conclusive evidence of the instructions, information and/or content of the calls. The Customer agrees that all such recordings are admissible in evidence in any proceedings and the Customer will not challenge or dispute the admissibility, reliability, accuracy or the authenticity of the contents of such records merely on the basis that such records were incorporated and/or set out in electronic form or are produced by or were the output of a computer system, and the Customer hereby waives any right (if any) to so object.

For details of the revisions, please refer to:

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