Can I use ANZ Internet Banking to make payments to accounts at other banks?
A. Yes. Payments from eligible ANZ accounts can be made to an account with another financial institution, within the Philippines, using the Local Transfer Request function.

Can I transfer money overseas?
A. Yes. You can transfer money from eligible ANZ accounts to an account overseas using the International Transfer Request function. You can select the currency in which you would like to transfer the money, and ANZ will directly confirm the exchange with you before processing the transaction.

Can I use ANZ Internet Banking for my business accounts as well as my personal accounts?
A. Using separate User IDs, you can access your ANZ personal and business accounts on ANZ Internet Banking. ANZ Internet Banking can only link ANZ personal or business accounts to a User ID. User IDs are provided when you register for ANZ Internet Banking

If you require access to both your ANZ personal and business accounts, you need to complete separate registration forms for your ANZ personal and business accounts.

Do I incur fees for using ANZ Internet Banking?
A. You do not get charged when you log onto ANZ Internet Banking, check your balances or view your transaction history. Transactions requested via ANZ Internet Banking may be subject to transaction fees. For more information, refer to the ANZ Internet Banking Terms & Conditions, and your individual ANZ account Terms & Conditions.

Is there a limit to how much I can transfer using ANZ Internet Banking?
A. For personal customers, there is no limit on the amount of available funds that you can transfer between your linked ANZ accounts. There is a daily limit that applies to all other transfers.

For business customers, there are a number of ANZ Internet Banking limits in place. To ensure the security of business accounts, each Authorised User has a transfer limit that applies to all transfers on ANZ accounts that are not single signing authority. There are also two separate daily limits that apply to all third party transfers - a daily business limit applies across all linked accounts; and a daily account based limit applies. The business and account daily limits do not apply to transfers between linked ANZ accounts. For assistance with transfer limits, call the ANZ Internet Banking Support Centre.

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