Let us bring you closer to home

At ANZ we understand the needs of expat Australians and New Zealanders living abroad. That is why we have designed the ANZ Expat Mortgage that provides a solution for the property and investment needs of the Australian and New Zealand expat community. We can present you with clear information on the opportunities and risks that may be associated with offshore mortgages. We can assist you to structure a facility that may suit your needs whilst you reside in Asia.

With an ANZ Expat mortgage, you can:

ANZ Expat Mortgages are offered through ANZ’s Singapore Branch, and are subject to ANZ's credit policy. Terms and conditions available upon application. Fees and charges apply.

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Common questions about ANZ Expat mortgages

Q Is there a minimum loan amount?
A The minimum loan amount is $200,000 in NZD or AUD. You can borrow up to 80% of the purchase price or valuation of the security property, whichever is lower.

Q What are the interest rates?
A The interest rates are competitive and are based on costs of fund and can vary from time to time.