In simple terms, a will helps to ensure that your family's needs are met according to your wishes, when you die. Aside from distributing your wealth and assets to family members, a will can also be designed to encompass a range of requests including:

When leaving a will, you must decide

An effective will should be designed according to your personal and financial circumstances and also take into account non-estate assets such as superannuation death benefits.

What happens if I don't have a will?

If you die without a will, therefore without an executor, the court will appoint an administrator. It can take months for this process to be completed and there is no guarantee that your dependants will receive what you may have intended.

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When should I review my will?

Your will should reflect your current circumstances and intentions. The following factors should be used as a prompt to determine when your will may need reviewing:

In recent years there have been significant and continuous changes to the taxation, superannuation and social security laws impacting upon wills and deceased estates. These changes emphasise the importance of regularly reviewing your will to ensure it continues to comply with your wishes.

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