How do I open an ANZ Online Investment Account?

At this time, the ANZ Online Investment Account is no longer accepting new applications.

You may wish to consider another ANZ investment solution or alternatively choose from one of ANZ’s everyday banking and savings accounts.

If you need further information on the ANZ Online Investment Account, please call 1300 789 223 (Mon-Fri, 8am – 8pm AEST).

Do I need to hold another account with ANZ before opening an ANZ Online Investment Account?

Yes, as part of the account opening process for the ANZ Online Investment Account, you must nominate a standard ANZ transaction or savings account from which to provide your opening deposit and to which all future withdrawals from your investment will be deposited.

What type of ANZ Online Investment Accounts can I open?

You can open an individual or joint account. At present, the ANZ Online Investment Account cannot be opened in a company name or in the name of a trust.

What are the benefits of having an ANZ Online Investment Account?
What are the risks of having an ANZ Online Investment Account?

Learn about the risks associated with investing the ANZ Online Investment Account.

What fees and charges are applicable?

Find out about the fees and charges associated with an ANZ Online Investment Account.

How does the account provide investment returns?

View information on investment returns.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

Withdrawal requests made prior to 12.45pm (AEST) on a trading day will generally result in your funds being available in your nominated ANZ account the following trading day.

Withdrawal requests made after 12.45pm (AEST) or at any time on a day when the share market is not open for trading will generally result in funds being available in your nominated ANZ account the day after the next trading day.

Are there any restrictions on the size and frequency of deposits and withdrawals?

There are very few restrictions on how much, or how often, you can deposit or withdraw from the ANZ Online Investment Account. When opening an ANZ Online Investment Account you must provide an opening deposit of $1,000. Once your account is opened the only restriction is that subsequent deposits must be $100 or more.

How can I check my estimated account balance?

Your estimated account balance and transaction history can be checked via your ANZ Internet Banking page or by calling our customer service centre on 1300 789 223.

How does ANZ invest my money?

The ANZ Online Investment Account provides a means by which you can arrange to invest your funds in units in a unit trust (the Fund), simply by transferring funds to your account. You don't need to give any separate instructions to ANZ about when or how to invest your funds.

You can transfer funds to your account at any time. Each time you transfer funds to your account, ANZ will arrange to invest those funds by purchasing units in the Fund on your behalf. For more information on how the unit fund works, please refer to the ANZ Online Investment Account PDS (PDF 812kB).

What does the unit price represent?

The unit price represents the estimated dollar value of one investment unit. As the unit price is based on the closing market price from the previous day, it can only provide an estimate and may not represent the current value of your investment.

By investing in this product, will I own shares in the biggest 200 Australian companies?

No. You are investing in a fund that is linked to the performance of the companies that comprise the S&P/ASX200 Index. This investment does not entitle you to beneficial ownership of the underlying shares.

Is the ANZ Online Investment Account covered by the Federal Government's bank deposit guarantee?

No, once the money you have deposited is invested it is no longer held on deposit by ANZ. As a result, it is not covered by the Federal Government guarantee or depositor protection under the Banking Act 1959.

Does the online investment account pay dividend distributions?

Yes. Twice per annum (typically being January and July of each year).

Can I elect to receive the dividend in cash?

No. All customers eligible for distributions will receive additional units re-invested in their fund, once any accrued management fees that are owing to ANZ are deducted.

What are the requirements for eligibility?

Not all customers will be entitled to receive a distribution. You must own units in the fund as of the trading day immediately prior to the 'ex-distribution' date. Customers who open an online investment account or invest on or after the 'ex-distribution' date will not be entitled to receive a distribution.

What is the 'ex-distribution' date?

This is the date whereby the index fund trades ex-distribution, or without a distribution entitlement for a buyer. Existing investors who held units in the fund immediately prior to this date retain their eligibility for the distribution.

When are the distributions re-invested?

ANZ will re-invest the net proceeds on the ANZ distribution date. This is the date (which occurs after the ex-dividend date) whereby eligible customers will see further units added to their existing account.

What is the cut-off for determining how much I will receive?

The cut-off is 12.45pm (AEST) the day before the 'ex-distribution' date. You must have deposited money prior to this time (or successfully opened your account if you are a new customer) to ensure the funds are used in calculating your entitlement. Any further deposits or new accounts opened after this time will not be eligible for the upcoming distribution.

Where can I find more information on the distribution announcements?

Prior to each distribution, the fund announces the distribution details (including the important dates and the amount of the distribution) on our latest news page.

When will I know how much I received?

On the day after the ANZ distribution date - you can view the transactions related to your distribution on ANZ Internet Banking, including how many additional units were re-invested in your account. You will also see these transactions in your customer statement for the corresponding period.

Are there any fees incurred in the distribution?

No - there are no fees or costs incurred in the distribution. You will see a transaction showing the deduction of the 'ANZ management fee' from your gross distribution, but this is not a fee for the distribution itself. Rather it is simply the collection of the annual management fee which accrues daily on your account.

I noticed there was a debit transaction for withholding tax from my online investment account. Why?

If you (or your joint applicant) did not provide your tax file number (TFN) in the application form, or you reside overseas, ANZ is obliged to collect withholding tax and pay this to the Australian Tax Office. Contact your accountant for more information. If you need to update notify ANZ of your TFN, or to correct your address please call us on 1300 789 223.

What do I need to complete my Tax Return?

Around August of each year, customers will receive an Annual Tax Statement. This will contain all the relevant information  in relation to your ANZ Online Investment account for you or your accountant to complete your tax return.

Where can I get more information on my Tax Statement?

ANZ has issued a 'Guide to Understanding your Tax Statement' to assist customers in completing their Tax Return.  Refer to Latest news.

Why does my ANZ Management Fee differ between my Annual Tax Statement and my normal half year Statement?

Every six months you will receive a half year statement.  The fee shown on this statement is the ANZ Management Fee which has accrued each day over the statement period. You may or may not have had this fee deducted from your investment. In your Annual Tax Statement however, the ANZ Management Fee is the actual amount of fees deducted by ANZ during the tax year. Fees are deducted each time you withdraw funds or receive a distribution.  

Is the ANZ Management Fee tax deductible?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to claim the ANZ Management Fee, as shown on your Annual Tax Statement, as an income tax deduction. ANZ recommends you seek professional advice if you are unsure.

I received a distribution outside of this tax year, so why does the distribution appear in this year's tax statement?

As outlined in the PDS, from a tax perspective, you are assessed on your distribution in the tax year in which you are presently entitled to it (whether or not you  have received the distribution).  Your present entitlement to a distribution from the Online Investment Account is determined by reference to the ANZ Record Date.  Accordingly, provided that ANZ determines the relevant distribution on the ANZ Record Date and your entitlement during the tax year, such distribution will be treated as a distribution for the same tax year, even though you may receive your distribution (via repurchase of additional units) in the subsequent tax year. Please refer to the PDS or seek professional advice if you are unsure.

When I made a withdrawal, my unit price differs slightly between my Annual Tax Statement and my normal half year Statement - why?

On the Annual Tax Statement (Section 2 - Your Transaction Details), the unit price displayed is the market price, including transaction costs. This is to ensure you can calculate the tax cost base and proceeds for determining your overall capital gain or loss for the relevant tax year. The unit price that is displayed in your half year statements (and ANZ Internet Banking) for withdrawals has a further adjustment, being the collection of the ANZ Management Fee.  

Important Information

This product is jointly issued by ANZ (for the deposit account) and OnePath Funds Management Limited (for the Fund). The performance of an investment in the Online Investment Account is not guaranteed and can be volatile, particularly in the short term. Once the money that you have deposited is invested in the Fund, it is no longer held on deposit by ANZ or subject to any depositor protection under the Banking Act 1959.
Neither ANZ, OnePath Funds Management nor any other company in the ANZ Group guarantees your investment in the Online Investment Account or the performance of the product or its investments. Your investment in the product is subject to a range of investment risks. They include possible delays in the repayment of withdrawals from your investment and loss of income and principal invested.
ANZ and OnePath Funds Management recommend you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 896kB) before deciding to acquire or hold the product.

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