Many of us wish to give something back to the community and one of the most popular ways is through a charitable foundation.

A charitable foundation can be established by anyone who wishes to take a structured and ongoing approach to giving. Many people establish foundations that continue after they have died through bequests from their estate.

Why would I establish a charitable foundation?

You may consider making a contribution to the community through the establishment of a charitable foundation where:

When and how to establish your foundation

Benefits of a charitable foundation

By establishing a charitable foundation in your lifetime you may be able to:

What structure is best?

By establishing a charitable foundation in your lifetime you may be able to:

Will trusts

You can establish a charitable foundation in your will which allows you to use your accumulated wealth during your lifetime. A will trust also permits distributions to individuals, whereas some charitable foundations created during your lifetime do not.

Where you establish a charitable foundation in your will, you should consider that:

Prescribed private funds

Prescribed private funds allow individuals, families and companies to make tax-deductible donations to their own charitable foundation, which then distributes funds to eligible charitable organisations.

Prescribed private funds enable individuals and families to play an active role in deciding the direction of what is essentially their own charitable foundation. A prescribed private fund is easier to establish, manage and administer than a public foundation because there is no obligation to raise funds from the public.

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