Card management made easy

Your credit card account is an important part of making life easier and more convenient. In this section, you'll find all the forms you need to help make managing your card fast, easy and efficient.

Balance transfers
If you have an ANZ credit card, you may wish to transfer an outstanding balance from a non-ANZ credit or store card. Simply complete the Balance transfer application form (PDF 57kB) and we'll take care of the rest. In some cases, fees and charges may apply to balance transfers. Find out more about ANZ balance transfers.
Add an additional cardholder to your ANZ credit card account
All ANZ credit card accounts allow you to add a number of additional cardholders. This can help make your finances much easier to manage. To apply to add an additional cardholder, simply complete the Additional cardholder application form (PDF 80kB).
Manage your credit limit

ANZ encourages you to maintain a credit limit that is appropriate for your needs. To apply for a change to your credit limit, simply fill out the Credit card limit increase/decrease application form (PDF 80kB).

Visit the calculator to work out your available monthly income and help you decide how much you can afford.

Credit limit increase written invitations

You can provide ANZ with your consent to contact you in writing when you may be eligible to apply for a credit limit increase, via ANZ Internet Banking, call us on 13 22 73 or visit any ANZ branch. Alternatively, complete the Credit limit increase written invitation consent form (PDF 200kB).

If you change your mind and want to withdraw your consent to receive written credit limit increase invitations, complete Credit limit increase written invitation withdraw consent form (PDF 80kB), call us on 13 22 73 or visit any ANZ branch.

CardPay Direct

CardPay Direct is the easy way to ensure your credit card payment is always paid on time. You can authorise regular repayments to your credit card using the CardPay Direct form (PDF 64kB).

You can also easily cancel an authorisation for a CardPay Direct payment using the CardPay Direct cancellation authority form (PDF 187kB).

Change your credit card type
ANZ offers a variety of different credit cards to suit your needs, from cards with reward programs, low interest or interest free days. If you'd like to change your credit card type from one ANZ card type to another, simply send us the Transfer between card accounts application (PDF 124kB).
Combine your credit card accounts
If you have more than one ANZ credit card account, you may choose to save on annual fees by combining your accounts into one. ANZ makes it fast and easy, simply by sending us the Request to combine ANZ card accounts (PDF 72kB).
Transaction dispute forms
You should check the transactions that appear on your monthly ANZ credit card account statement very carefully. In the event that you find an unauthorised transaction or wish to dispute a charge, please complete a Customer Transaction Dispute Form (PDF 280kB)and send it back to us. If you can't access the form, contact us at the ANZ call centre on 13 22 73.
Statement due date change request
If you'd like to receive your ANZ credit card account statement on a different day or the month, simply let us know by completing the Statement change request form (PDF 70kB).
Make a change to your recurring transactions
You may choose to manage your regular bills by authorising recurring transactions from your ANZ credit card account to pay participating merchants. You can use the Change to recurring transactions/direct debits form (PDF 131kB) to let the merchant know when you need to change the payments.
Manage your informal overlimit facility

ANZ may in some circumstances allow you to exceed the credit limit on your card.

For credit card accounts opened on or after 18 June 2012, ANZ may do this where:

  • you consent to being charged a $20 Overlimit Fee (charged at a maximum of once per statement period*); and
  • the transaction and your circumstances meet certain criteria.

However even if you don't provide consent, ANZ may still process non-electronic transactions, direct debits or interest, fees and charges in excess of your credit limit, but you will not be charged a fee in these circumstances.

You can provide consent via ANZ Internet Banking, by calling 13 22 73, by visiting any ANZ branch or completing the Overlimit Fee Consent form (PDF 60kB).

There are no changes to accounts opened before 18 June 2012.

To opt out (withdraw consent) complete the Overlimit Fee Opt Out/Withdraw Consent form (PDF 112kB), call us on 13 22 73 or visit any ANZ branch.

*You will not be charged an Overlimit Fee if you hold an ANZ Access Basic Account and you have notified us of it.


To opt out of exceeding your ANZ Visa PAYCARD limit, please complete the ANZ Visa PAYCARD overlimit opt out form (PDF 540kB).

Reinstate your credit card

To apply to reinstate your closed credit card, simply fill out the Credit Card Application for Account Reinstatement form (PDF 88kB).

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