Features Super Saver Account Term Deposit
Minimum Balance 4,000,000 LAK
500 USD
16,000 THB
80,000,000 LAK
10,000 USD
400,000 THB
Available Currencies LAK, USD and THB LAK, USD and THB
Competitive Interest Rates
Interest Paid Monthly Monthly or on maturity
Interest Calculated Daily Daily
Fixed Interest rate ×
Fixed Period ×
Automatic renewal available ×
Regular Deposits
Regular Salary Credits & standing orders ×
Regular withdrawal available ×
Statement available ×
Available to Lao Nationals
Available to foreigners
Access via ATM1 ×

1 ATM access is only available where the authority to operate on the account, including the authority to withdraw funds from the account, is permitted with a single signature or authority. Accounts that require more than one signature or authority to operate on the account are unable to have ATM access.