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ANZ Internet Banking for Business administrators can link a mobile number, email address or ABN/ACN to an eligible bank account to use as a PayID. This PayID can be used to receive secure payments quickly, on behalf of the business.

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What is a PayID type?

A PayID type refers to the form of identifier linked to a bank account to create a PayID.

Eligible ANZ accounts can be linked to the following PayID types to create a PayID:

Eligible ANZ accounts can pay to the following PayID types:

What is the difference between my PayID and my PayID name?

Your PayID is the phone number, email address or ABN/ACN that has been linked to your bank account.

Your PayID name is the legal name associated with your PayID. It is used by payers to confirm your identify prior to making a payment to your PayID.

What is an eligible account to link to my PayID?

Any ANZ account which is eligible to receive faster payments via the Osko service can be linked to a PayID.

When you create a PayID, you’ll be able to see which of your account/s are eligible.

Can someone from another bank pay to my PayID?

While most Australian banks should support payments to PayIDs, you may need to check with your payer to confirm whether or not they are able to make a payment to your PayID.

What is the difference between Osko and PayID?

PayID is the naming service that allows you to send and receive payments using a mobile number, email address, ABN/ACN or Organisation IDs (Org IDs).

Osko is the service that provides near real time transfers between participating accounts.

How long do I have to wait until I can use my PayID?

After you’ve successfully submitted your application, your PayID should be ready to use in a few minutes, however could take up to a few hours in peak times.

Can somebody use my PayID to access my accounts?

No. Your PayID is only for receiving payments and cannot be used to access your accounts.

If I create a PayID can people still pay my BSB and Account number?

Yes. PayID provides a simpler addressing method for sending payments; however payments can still be addressed to your BSB and Account number if you create a PayID for that account.

How many PayIDs can I have linked to each bank account?

You can only link each of your PayIDs to one eligible bank account.

How many bank accounts can I link each of my PayIDs to?

You can only link each of your PayIDs to one eligible bank account.

Can I pay with my PayID?

No, your PayID is only for receiving payments.

How many PayIDs can I have?

You can create a PayID using each of the email addresses and mobile numbers that you have listed as contact details with ANZ.

If you have an eligible ANZ business account you can also create a PayID using an ABN/ACN.

Does it cost anything to create a PayID?

No. PayIDs do not attract any additional charge and can be created by any ANZ account holder who has registered a mobile number, email address or ABN/ACN with ANZ and has an eligible ANZ account to link it with.

What accounts are eligible to pay to PayIDs?

To pay to a PayID an account must be both NPP eligible and eligible to make Pay Anyone payments.

Where is PayID information stored and checked?

PayID information is stored in a Central Addressing Server (CAS). This information includes your PayID and your PayID name as well as the institution name and BSB and Account numbers of your linked account.

Can I change the account that my PayID is linked to?
Do I need a PayID to make a payment via the Osko service?

No. Osko payments are sent independently of the PayID system.

For a payment to be sent via the Osko service it requires both of the accounts to be registered to send and receive Osko payments.

Eligible ANZ accounts can send and receive Osko payments. Whether or not the payment is sent via the Osko service depends on whether your account is eligible, and whether the payee’s account can receive Osko payments.

When receiving a payment, whether or not your payment is sent via the Osko service will depend on whether or not your account and the payer’s account are registered to send Osko payments.

Who can create a PayID?

With ANZ, any customer or business customer can create a PayID as long as they have an eligible ANZ account, as well as a phone number, email address or ABN/ACN to link to it.

Can a PayID be used to withdraw money?

PayIDs can’t be used to withdraw from an account. They are designed to make sending and receiving payments easier.

Can PayIDs be used to receive overseas payments?

Payments to PayIDs are only supported within Australia.

How do I get someone to pay to my PayID?

Once you’ve created it, you can request payments by giving payers your mobile number, email address or ABN/ACN.

How do I pay to someone’s PayID?

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For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking Helpdesk on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9683 8833) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.