Change delivery method terms and conditions

We know that some people prefer to receive correspondence via email, while others prefer to have a paper copy, so we've made it easy for you to choose which method you prefer.

  • This means if we need to send any important updates relating to ANZ Internet Banking terms and conditions you'll receive them via your preferred delivery method.

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To change the delivery method of ANZ Internet Banking terms and conditions:

  • Select the "Update details" menu.
  • Go to the "Terms and conditions delivery method" section
  • Click the "Change delivery method of terms and conditions".
Step 1 - Read and accept the information provided
  • Read and accept the information provided on the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Code of Conduct.
Step 2 - Choose between paper and email
  • Use the radio button to select your preferred delivery method.
  • Choose between hard copy terms and conditions (paper) or electronic terms and conditions (email).
Step 3 - Confirm email address, if applicable
  • If you wish to receive terms and conditions electronically, confirm your email address.
  • If you have previously nominated an email address in ANZ Internet Banking, it will automatically appear here.
  • If you are happy with this email address you can move to step 4.
  • If you would like to edit your existing email and/or add a new email address, type the email address in the field provided.
Step 4 - Submit the change
  • Click on the "Update details" button on the bottom right side of the page.
  • The page will refresh with a message of the details being updated successfully.

Need more help?

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about changing the delivery method of terms and conditions.

If I change the delivery method to paper will I still get online statements?

Yes. Changing the delivery method for the terms and conditions to hard copy does not affect online statements.

  • This election relates to legal information about ANZ Internet Banking only
  • By doing this, you are only electing to receive changes to the terms and conditions and other information about ANZ Internet Banking by hard copy (paper form) and not electronically.
Will my email address be updated immediately?

Your email address will be updated immediately within your ANZ Internet Banking, but please allow 24-48 business hours for this detail to be updated within ANZ's systems.

Can I use different email addresses for different ANZ Internet Banking facilities?

No. You can only provide one email address for electronic notifications.

  • The email that we have on record for you will be used to send you email notifications regarding new online statements, online bills and promotional emails (if you opt in to receive them)
  • If you do not wish to receive these promotional emails, please remove the tick from the box. This relates only to promotional emails from ANZ.
  • If you do not wish to receive any promotional letters from ANZ, please contact general enquiries or visit your nearest ANZ branch.
What happens if I elect to receive the terms and conditions electronically?

If you choose to receive changes to the terms and conditions and other information about ANZ Internet Banking electronically, you will not receive the information in hardcopy (paper form).

Any changes to ANZ Internet Banking can be provided to you electronically:

  • by ANZ posting the information on the ANZ website; or
  • by ANZ sending the information to you by email or by other electronic communication to the address nominated by you.
Important notes
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that this email address is accurate and up-to-date
  • You can also print and/or save the information sent to you electronically so that you can keep a copy for your records
  • You can change your contact details for electronic communications or revoke this election at any time by changing these details from the "Profile" menu in ANZ Internet Banking
  • Where ANZ provides you with the information through the ANZ web site, ANZ will tell you by electronic communication that the information is available and the nature of that information.

Need more help?

For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking Helpdesk on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9683 8833) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.