Register for ANZ Shield

We're committed to helping you bank simply and safely. That's why with ANZ Shield, you now have the option to add an extra layer of security to your ANZ Internet Banking.

ANZ Shield is a free security app for Android and iPhone. It allows you to generate a one time passcode - known as a Shield Code - to authenticate certain ANZ Internet Banking payments and activities.

To register for ANZ Shield you will require:

  • an iPhone running iOS 5.0 or above
  • an Android phone running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above

ANZ Shield is available for use with ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ Internet Banking for Business.

Your phone or tablet requires network connectivity and push notifications enabled to complete the ANZ Shield registration process.

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Step 1 – Install ANZ Shield
  1. Install ANZ Shield onto your chosen phone or tablet.
    • For iPhone users, visit the App Store, or for Android users, visit Google Play on your phone.
    • Search for 'ANZ Shield' and download the app.
  2. On your ANZ Internet Banking screen:
    • Read and agree to the ANZ Shield Terms and Conditions and Licence Agreement. You must select the checkbox to confirm your agreement.
    • Select the 'I've installed ANZ Shield' button.
    • A Sync Code displays.
Step 2 – Get Started
  1. On your chosen phone or tablet, open 'ANZ Shield' and tap 'Get started' to begin registration. 
  2. Enter the Sync Code from the ANZ Internet Banking screen into your ANZ Shield app and tap 'Go'. The Sync Code is not case sensitive. 
  3. When successful, the 'Great! Please return to your ANZ Internet Banking Screen' message displays. 
  4. Tap 'Next step create a PIN' on your registered phone.
Step 3 – Create a PIN
  1. Create a 4-digit PIN for your ANZ Shield app using your registered phone.
    • Ensure you choose one that's easy to remember but doesn't compromise your account security.
    • You can't create a PIN that has three or more sequential numbers, three or more repeating numbers, or numbers that run in a straight line.
    • You must keep your PIN secure.
    • Avoid using your birth date, repetitive or sequential numbers or a recognizable part of your name as a PIN, otherwise you may be liable for any loss suffered from an unauthorized transaction.
  2. Re-enter your PIN to confirm. A PIN accepted message displays.
  3. Tap 'Next'
  4. On your ANZ Internet Banking screen, select 'Finalise set up' to complete your registration.
Step 4 – Registration Complete
  • Now that you're registered for ANZ Shield, you may be asked to generate a Shield Code for certain ANZ Internet Banking payments and activities.
  • To view or update your ANZ Shield registration, visit the 'ANZ Shield Hub' from the 'Profile' menu in ANZ Internet Banking.


I'm on 'Step 1 – Installing ANZ Shield'. What happens if I press the 'Return to previous page' button?

This button will return you to the 'Profile' menu in ANZ Internet Banking.

Can I register for ANZ Shield on the same device that I'm using for ANZ Internet Banking?

When you first register for ANZ Shield, you will need to have ANZ Shield downloaded onto a device other than where you are running ANZ Internet Banking. For example, if you have downloaded ANZ Shield to your phone, you should use your tablet or computer to run your ANZ Internet Banking session.

How do I turn on push notifications?

This varies by device and operating system. If you need help to switch on push notifications, you should refer to the user guide for your phone or tablet. Depending on your phone settings, you may receive a pop-up message when you first open ANZ Shield asking you allow push notifications. If this happens, you should click ok/allow.