ANZ Signature Priority Banking

ANZ offers an extensive range of products extending from everyday banking products to wealth management solutions to make your banking simple and help you achieve your financial aspirations.

Our Wealth Management solutions include all major asset and insurance classes, providing the right balance between choice, flexibility and convenience.

With a deeper understanding of you and your unique situation and circumstances, we can make available to you a blend of these products that best suit you.

ANZ has a range of flexible transaction accounts and services to make day-to-day banking easier. We can help you keep your money safe and give you easy access at all times. The ANZ debit card gives you access to funds from anywhere in the world. We can help you transfer your money safely overseas, exchange foreign currency, keep your valuables safe, and more.

  1. Regular Savings Account
    ANZ Regular Savings Account is available in a choice of currencies (EUR, USD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, GBP, CHF) and can be accessed with your ANZ ATM Access card, offering convenient access to your funds.
  2. ANZ Infinite Savings Account
    Earn high interest with ANZ Infinite Savings Account while you are waiting for better investment opportunities. ANZ Infinite Savings Account comes with 2 (two) options of currencies, IDR and USD. Enjoy the benefits of ANZ Infinite Savings Account:
    1. Competitive interest rate.
    2. Free* transactional fees all year long.
  3. ANZ Super Savings
    ANZ Super Savings is a savings account with super advantages, delivering a variety of benefits, flexibility and ease. ANZ Super Savings comes with Super Rewards, Super Rates, Super Transactions, and Super Access to answer your needs and wants from a savings account.
  4. ANZ Current Account Escalator
    Whatever your business, ANZ Current Account Escalator provides convenience and flexibility for your transaction.
  5. Term Deposits
    ANZ Term Deposits provide competitive interest rates and are available in multiple currencies (AUD, NZD, GBP, SGD, HKD, SGD, USD, CHF, JPY, EUR, CAD) in accordance with the investment periods of your choice (1, 3, 6 , and 12 months).

* Terms and conditions apply. Issued by PT Bank ANZ Indonesia (ANZ). An investment or facility with ANZ is neither a deposit with nor liability of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. Client herewith acknowledge that the offered Savings interest rate is interest before tax. Client also acknowledge if the interest rate along with the prize/gift (if any) offered and/or term saving are above Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC), then Client saving will not be included in IDIC guarantee programme if the Bank business license revoked in accordance with the provisions of Article 19 paragraph (1) IDIC Law.

At ANZ Signature Priority Banking, we are committed to ensuring every aspect of your financial needs is well managed. We recognize that our clients are distinctive individuals with different needs as they move through the different stages of life. Drawing from our expertise and our suite of investment, insurance, and foreign exchange products, we help you build, grow, protect, preserve and distribute your wealth. As always, our Relationship Managers and our supporting team of specialists are on hand to work closely with you to provide comprehensive solutions that are relevant to your evolving needs.



Personalised investment solutions to meet your wealth goals
Good investment decisions are not just about the simple yet gradual accumulation of wealth over time. With our range of investment solutions, you can make investment decisions that will provide you with finances you need at life’s most critical stages. We have a comprehensive range of products and services from established and reliable Investment partners to fit your unique needs.

1. Obligasi (Bonds)

We offer a series of bonds denominated in either U.S. Dollar or IDR as options to optimize your asset allocation, for diversification and investment to achieve future goals.

Currently we have been offering a series of state bonds as follows:

Bonds are long term debt instruments (over 12 months) issued either by the state, companies, banks, public utilities and other large entities to increase financing of the investment issuer. In return, the bonds will pay a coupon (on every payment schedule, monthly or semi annual) and the principal investment (at maturity).

2. Mutual Funds (Reksa Dana)

Mutual Funds is one of the investment products issued and managed by Fund Managers. PT Bank ANZ Indonesia partnering with Fund Managers that has passed BAPEPAM-LK certification. ANZ offers only mutual funds that has been proven effective by BAPEPAM-LK

Currently, we are working with 6 reputable Fund Managers:

  • PT. BNP Paribas Investment Partners
  • PT. Eastspring Investments Indonesia
  • PT. First State Investments Indonesia
  • PT. Mandiri Manajemen Investasi
  • PT. Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia
  • PT. Schroder Investment Management Indonesia

We are offering a full range of Mutual Funds, such as Money Market Funds, Fixed Income Funds, Balanced Funds, and Equity Funds, so that clients are enabled to apply diversification and asset allocation strategy optimally in order to achieve their investment objectives.

In line with Mutual Fund's tagline defined by BAPEPAM-LK "Pahami, Nikmati", we will continuously educate our WAPERD Holders and Investors so that the Mutual Fund Selling Agents activities can be implemented prudently; and the investment decisions are based on comprehensive and healthy understanding and planning.

More details on our Investment products.



Complete range of wealth protection and preservation strategies
Whatever your life stage, it’s vital to have secure finances whether you are starting a new business, planning to send your child overseas or a comfortable retirement, we can help you to accomplish whatever your aspirations in life are. ANZ Signature Priority Banking can provide you with a range of Bancassurance products to protect you and your family’s needs into the future.

1. Wealth Accumulation

We all want to be financially independent, to live a life of prosperity, now and into our retirement. But this does not happen overnight. We need to make an ongoing commitment to ensure our future financial security. Whether to build your retirement savings or simply save for your children’s education, a wealth accumulation plan is able to help you achieve these.

Product offerings: FortresseLink, Ultimate Balance Protection Plus, Manulife Investment Protector, Prime Invest Protector.

2. Family Protection

Unforeseen circumstances may occur at any point in time. As such, it is necessary to plan in advance to ensure your family needs are when taken care of. Our family protection plans offer you the security of knowing that there are adequate resources to look after your loved ones should the unfortunate happen.

Product offerings : ProLife Plus, Executive Crisis Cover

3. Health Priority

Illnesses can strike any time, incurring medical expenses and expensive treatments which could exhaust our life savings. Our health priority plans can cover the costs for hospitalisation and treatment in the event of major illness and old age disabilities, outpatient medical expenses, and even the loss of income due to illnesses.

Product offerings : Raina ProtectionLink, Prime Care

4. Wealth Preservation and Legacy Planning

Leaving a legacy as a form of succession planning is always a prudent strategy for anyone. It not only enables you to bequeath your hard-earned wealth to your family but also ensures estate equalization in the way you see fit. You may also wish to set aside a portion to your favourite charitable organization. We have just the plans for you so you don’t have to constantly worry about where your money goes when you are no longer around.

Product offerings: FortresseLink, Ultimate Balance Protection Plus, Raina ProtectionLink, Golden Protector, Prime Care, Prime Invest Protector..

More details on our Bancassurance products.



Benefit from currency movements
Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market has a unique environment compared to other financial markets. The Forex Market has continuous operation; 24 hours a day except weekends starting from AUSTRALASIAN (Australian and Asian) Markets, followed by the European Market, and ending with the American Market. Its unique geographical dispersion and high liquidity make the Forex Market the largest asset class in the world.

ANZ facilitates variations of foreign exchange products and choices of 11 currencies (AUD, NZD, GBP, SGD, HKD, IDR, USD, CHF, JPY, EUR, CAD) for clients who have the needs for particular currencies to participate in the Forex Market.

1. Forex Transactions

ANZ provides forex transactions facility for clients where one of the objective is to benefit from the price exchange movement (up/down) of one foreign currency to the other foreign currencies (No IDR related). Forex Transactions in ANZ is available daily during working hours from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM (Except for Saturday, Sunday and Holidays). Clients can utilize this facility by visiting ANZ branch, or for certain clients, the agreement of the exchange rate can be done by phone.

2. Forex ODA (Overnight Order)

ANZ understands that the normal period for forex transactions in Indonesia (8 am to 3:30 pm) could be limited for clients since it only takes a small part of the entire operation of Forex Market that takes 24 hours a day. Therefore, to enrich the daily forex transactions activity, ANZ issue one facility called Forex ODA (Overnight Order) where it is a facility that allows clients to conduct foreign exchange transactions outside the normal transaction period in Indonesia.

The benefits of Forex ODA (Overnight Order):

  • Clients can still make transactions during the European and American markets.
  • Clients can check the price to make a purchase or sale of currency pairs as needed.
  • Forex ODA has the potential to maximize the profits of client’s foreign exchange transaction activity that is obtained from currency movements, because the currency volatility in the European and American markets tend to be higher compared to Australasian market.

ANZ Signature Priority Banking Infinite Card

ANZ Signature Priority Banking Infinite Card

You can enjoy the ANZ Signature Priority Banking Infinite Card, an exclusive credit card with benefits:

  • Free Annual Fee, for you and 3 of your supplementary cards,
  • Fly faster to any of your dream destinations using ANZ Reward Points,
  • Complimentary travel insurance, travel inconvenience, and overseas medical expense with every airplane ticket purchase,
  • Purchase protection up to IDR 200 million for every purchase of goods with ANZ SPB Visa Infinite,
  • Complimentary access to International Airport lounges,
  • And other privileges.

More details on ANZ SPB Visa Infinite benefits & features.

At ANZ Signature Priority Banking, your banking convenience and comfort is our priority. This is the reason why we offer ANZ Signature Priority Banking clients a variety of special amenities and features.

24-Hour ANZ Call Centre: 0804 1000 888
Access banking services via phone  simply by calling our 24-Hour ANZ Call Centre at 0804 1000 888. Our friendly ANZ Signature Priority Banking call centre officers are always ready to assist you.

e-Statement, Your financial standing at your fingertips
Be up to date with your banking financial transaction details or your credit card spending with the e-statement facility. You can now enjoy the convenience of viewing your banking statement or credit card bill electronically wherever and whenever you want.

ANZ Internet Banking
Now you can have your financial standing at your fingertips. Enjoy the convenience of banking and credit card transactions anywhere & everywhere through ANZ Internet Banking with free* realtime fund transfers fee within ATM Bersama/Prima network.

* Terms and conditions apply.


PT Bank ANZ Indonesia (“ANZ”) is only act as a selling agent for investment product. Investment product is not a product of ANZ is not guaranteed by ANZ and its affiliates as well as not included in the object of government guarantee program of the Republic of Indonesia.

Investment in capital market contains market risk. Fund performance is not guaranteed; unit prices and return from this fund may increase or decrease. Past performance is not an indication of the future performance.

Bancassurance Product is insurance product issued by insurance provider. PT Bank ANZ Indonesia (“ANZ”) is only act as a selling agent or referral for Bancassurance Product (as applicable). Bancassurance Product is not a product of ANZ so ANZ is not responsible for any or all claims and risks that will be raised from this portfolio product. Bancassurance Product is not guaranteed by ANZ and its affiliates or by any government guarantee program of the Republic of Indonesia. ANZ is not responsible for the insurance policy issued by insurance provider. For unit link Bancassurance Product, the management of the investment fund will be performed by insurance provider and shall be responsibility of insurance provider. The performance of investment funds can be viewed on insurance provider Fund Fact sheet monthly report Investment in Share market contains market risk. Fund performance is not guaranteed, unit prices and return from this fund may increase or decrease. Past performance is not an indication of the future performance. Complete information can be found in the Fund Fact Sheet. Details explanation on charges can be found at the Bancassurance Product Policy.

PT Bank ANZ Indonesia (ANZ) is a subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZBGL).  ANZBGL is incorporated in Australia, and is an authorised deposit taking institution (Bank) under Australian law. ANZ is incorporated and licensed in Indonesia with limited liability, and is not a Bank under Australian law. Deposits or liabilities with ANZ are not deposits or other liabilities of ANZBGL or its related group companies, and none of them stand behind or guarantee ANZ.

ANZ is a bank that registered with and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority.

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