Types of Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund‘s Benefit

Risks investing in Mutual Fund


In this instance, PT Bank ANZ Indonesia ("ANZ") in this reference acts as Selling agent for Mutual Fund. ANZ has been appointed by the Investment Manager to provide customers ("Investors") servicing in respect to the transaction of subscription, switching and/or redemption of Mutual Fund.

Mutual Funds are capital market products and are not products developed or managed by ANZ. ANZ offers no guarantee on performance or protection of capital invested; and Mutual Funds are not included in the guarantee program of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia or any other deposit guarantee. ANZ shall not be liable in any way for damages, losses or diminution of such investments, or, any unavailability or diminution of funds in respect of such investment.

There are risks attached to Mutual Fund investing. (Prospective) Investors need to read and understand the relevant Mutual Fund prospectus before deciding to invest in a Mutual Fund. (Prospective) Investors should be aware that Mutual Fund's past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Investors are encouraged to seek independent investment advice prior to making investment decisions.

(Prospective) Investors need to complete and sign an Investor Risk Profile form before entering into a transaction for the first time with ANZ. Investors will need to renew and sign a new Risk Profile from annually (from their previous profiling anniversary date) before under taking any further application and/or switching on a Managed Fund Account.

(Prospective) Investors are recommended by ANZ to invest only in Mutual Fund which is risk classified equal to or below (prospective) investors' personal risk classification, as determined by the Investor Risk Profile. Should the (prospective) Investors wish to invest in Mutual Fun which has a higher risk classification than (prospective) investor's personal risk classification then an "Exception" form is required to be completed and signed by (prospective) investors to acknowledge (prospective) investor's decision to invest outside the result of Investor Risk Profile.

The Investment Manager may instruct ANZ to reject or hold the proceeds of a particular subscription, switching and/or redemption in line with the Terms & Conditions which are stated in the relevant Mutual Fund Prospectus.

ANZ may reject a subscription, switching and/or redemption transaction if it contravenes any Indonesian rules and/or regulations or the Mutual Fund prospectus and/or Terms & Conditions of ANZ.

Every subscription, switching and redemption transaction is liable for a transaction fee that is stated in the respective prospectus. ANZ may earn initial and ongoing fees from the Investment Manager in respect of your Mutual Fund transaction.

For more details Terms & Conditions, investors should refer to the respective Mutual Fund Prospectus of the funds being applied for.

An investment or facility with ANZ is neither a deposit with nor liability of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. ANZ  is a bank that registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority. Terms & Conditions Apply

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