ANZ Online (ANZ Transactive Asia) is a secured web-based electronic banking system from ANZ. It is designed with a simple and user friendly interface to reduce the complexities you face in your day-to-day operations.

Designed with the latest encryption technology, ANZ Online offers a reliable and efficient way to manage your business banking with a single logon to access all of your account and key information.

ANZ Online comes with the following modules for your day-to-day operations

Account Management

ANZ Online gives you real-time access to the bank balances and transaction details of your local and overseas ANZ accounts via a single logon.

Launching soon

Arrangements can also be made for your accounts at other financial institutions to be reported into ANZ Online via ANZ’s MT940 reporting service.


The payments module allows you to effect the following payments in an efficient and secure manner

With the use of payment templates, time is saved and error rates are reduced for your recurring payments.

You can also opt for file-upload service where transactions are directly exported from your accounting system and uploaded into ANZ Online for processing.


You can download both standard and customised reports from ANZ Online. The reports are available in both csv and pdf formats. They can be extracted regularly for archival as well as uploaded into your accounting system for automated bank reconciliation.

You need Adobe Reader to view PDF files. You can download Adobe Reader free of charge.