Getting started with ANZ Internet Banking is easy. Simply follow the three steps below to register and begin using ANZ Internet Banking.

Step 1: Register

Few simple steps to setup your ANZ Internet Banking account:

  1. To become an internet banking user, you need to have the registration code that can be obtained by visiting the nearest ANZ ATM or via 24-hour ANZ Call Centre.
    1. Option 1 – via ANZ ATM*
        1. Select transaction menu in the ATM home screen.
        2. Choose registration menu and tap Internet Banking Registration menu.
        3. Save the 8-digit ANZ Internet Banking Registration Code printed slip.

    2. Option 2 – via ANZ Call Centre**
        1. Dial 0804 1000 269 from your mobile phone and get connected with our customer service representative.
        2. The registration code will be sent by SMS to your mobile phone shortly.

  2. After acquiring the registration code, complete your registration process by accessing to and click register or click here to go directly to ANZ Internet Banking registration page.

Please remember your Username and Password to access our ANZ Internet Banking facility anytime. Now you are able to view your account details and perform basic queries.

Find out more details about ANZ Internet Banking registration.

Step 2: Secure your financial transactions by using security device (Token)

To optimize the facility of ANZ Internet Banking and enable the financial transaction feature, you need to have a security device (token) after completing the registration process.

Why do you need a token?

Token is a secure device that generates unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) every time you perform a transaction, thus provides you with high security on every financial transaction you do.

How do you get a token?

Token can be requested via ANZ Internet Banking registration page or directly go to nearest ANZ branches. If you requested via ANZ Internet Banking registration page, you will have the options to pick up the token or request for delivery.

Activate your token

After you request Token in Internet Banking, please follow below steps:

  1. Change Token PIN: You will be given a default password that should be entered to your Token for the first time. Please change the default PIN to your new PIN. Minimum character must be 6-digit.

  2. Token Activation : After changing your PIN, follow below steps to perform Token activation:
    1. Login to your ANZ Internet Banking account.
    2. Go to Request and select Security Device (Token).
    3. Select Activate tab and follow the instructions on your Internet Banking screen.

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Congratulations! Now you are ready to use ANZ Internet Banking

View complete guide of registration to token activation.

* Please ensure that you already have ATM PIN before choosing this option. ATM PIN will be sent automatically to you right after the account opening process is complete. If you don’t have ATM PIN, please contact 24-Hour ANZ Call Centre 08041000269 to request for ATM PIN.

** Based on the registered GSM Mobile Number.

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