BNP Paribas
Fund name Prospectus Factsheet
BNP Paribas Ekuitas
BNP Paribas Equitra
BNP Paribas Infrastruktur Plus
BNP Paribas Integra
BNP Paribas Pesona
BNP Paribas Prima II
BNP Paribas Prima USD
BNP Paribas Rupiah Plus II
BNP Paribas Rupiah Plus
BNP Paribas Solaris
BNP Paribas Spektra
BNP Paribas Star
Eastspring Investment
Fund name Prospectus Factsheet
Eastspring Investments Alpha Navigator
Eastspring Investments IDR High Grade
Eastspring Investments Value Discovery
Eastspring Investments Yield Discovery
First State
Fund name Prospectus Factsheet
Indoequity High Conviction Fund
Indoequity Value Select Fund
Indoequity Dividend Yield Fund
Indoequity Sectoral Fund
Indonesia MultiStrategy Fund
Indonesian Balanced Fund
Indonesian Bond Fund
Mandiri Sekuritas
Fund name Prospectus Factsheet
Mandiri Investa Dana Dollar Mandiri
Mandiri Investa Atraktif Syariah
Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang
Mandiri Investa Syariah Berimbang
Fund name Prospectus Factsheet
Manulife Dana Campuran II
Manulife Dana Saham
Manulife Greater Ind Fund
Manulife Obligasi Negara Indonesia II
Manulife Pendapatan Bulananan II
Manulife Saham Andalan
Manulife Sektoral Syariah Amanah
Fund name Prospectus Factsheet
Schroder 90 Plus Equity Fund
Schroder Dana Andalan II
Schroder Dana Istimewa
Schroder Dana Kombinasi  
Schroder Dana Likuid
Schroder Dana Mantap Plus II
Schroder Dana Prestasi Plus
Schroder Dana Prestasi
Schroder Dana Terpadu II
Schroder Syariah Balanced Fund  
Schroder USD Bond Fund

Last Update: 25 November 2013

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