Optimal protection based on Syariah principles for better future financial planning.

Raina ProtectionLink is the ideal investment solution as it is a combination of Bancassurance ANZ Indonesia and Allianz, and was designed specially as an alternative to diversify funds of ANZ Indonesia customer. It is a unit link product which is able to protect wealth enhancement and escalate your financial capability.

Why Raina ProtectionLink?

Benefit of Total coverage of life insurance

Investment with optimal potential return

Tool of wealth planning

Financial Calculator can assist you in determining your future financial goal and timeline, as well as the sum that needs to be invested and protection value which is required to anticipate life’s risks.

Investment portofolio suited to your requirement

With Raina ProtectionLink You will be able to build an Investment Portfolio through a variety of Investment Fund to fit your personal investment strategy, investment term and your individual risk tolerance.

Risk profile Investment fund type Asset placement Risk level Return level
    Money Market Fixed Income Shares    
Moderate Allisya Fixed Income Fund Min. 2%
Max. 20%
Min. 80%
Max. 98%
0% moderate-low moderate-low
Moderate Allisya Balanced Fund Min. 25%
Max. 100%
Target 50%
Min. 25%
Max. 100%
Target 50%
Min. 25% Max. 100%
Target 50%
moderate moderate
Aggressive Allisya Equity Fund Min. 2%
Max. 20%
0% Min. 80%
Max. 98%
moderate-high moderate-high

Important notes to consider

Raina ProtectionLink is insurance product issued by PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia. PT Bank ANZ Indonesia ("ANZ") is only act as a referrer for Raina ProtectionLink. Raina Protection Link is not a product of ANZ so ANZ is not responsible for any or all claims and risks that will be raised from this portfolio product. Raina ProtectionLink is not guaranteed by ANZ and its affiliates or by any government guarantee program of the Republic of Indonesia. ANZ is not responsible for the insurance policy issued by PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia. The management of the investment fund will be performed by PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia and shall be responsibility of PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia. The performance of investment funds can be viewed on PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia Fund Fact sheet monthly report.

ANZ is a subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZBGL). ANZBGL is incorporated in Australia, and is an authorised deposit taking institution (Bank) under Australian law. ANZ is incorporated and licensed in Indonesia with limited liability, and is not a Bank under Australian law. Deposits or liabilities with ANZ are not deposits or other liabilities of ANZBGL or its related group companies, and none of them stand behind or guarantee ANZ.

Investment in Share market contains market risk. Fund performance is not guaranteed; unit prices and return from this fund may increase or decrease. Past performance is not an indication of the future performance. Complete information can be found in the Fund Fact Sheet.

Details explanation on charges can be found at the Raina ProtectionLink Policy. In the event of any inconsistency between the Indonesian version and the English version on this document, the Indonesian version shall prevail.

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