It’s time to enjoy more benefits and conveniences from ANZ USD Savings Account.

ANZ USD Savings Account is an American Dollar savings account which offers you more than any other savings accounts.

Enjoy the benefits and conveniences from ANZ USD Savings Account:

  1. Competitive Foreign Exchange (FX) rates
    Enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates
  1. Free  transaction fees all year long
    ANZ USD Savings Account gives you free transaction fees for the convenience and flexibility to perform your banking transaction, including:
    NO Free transaction fees Maximum transaction
 1 USD bank notes withdrawal Up to USD 10,000/month
 2 USD bank notes deposit Up to USD 25,000/day
 3 Fund transfer to all banks worldwide 3x/month
 4 ATM withdrawal at Cirrus ATM network worldwide 5x/month


  1. Same day remittance
    A fund transfer facility that provides same day remittance at the destination account.
  1. ANZ Internet Banking
    Unlimited online access to your accounts whenever and wherever you are.

Terms and conditions

  1. Free fund transfer fee to all banks worldwide.
    1. Minimum remaining balance after the remittance transaction is USD 10,000.
    2. Free transfer fee only applies for PT Bank ANZ Indonesia (ANZ) and do not apply for other associated transfer costs, including the charged fees by the correspondent bank or the beneficiary bank.

  2. Free ATM withdrawal at Cirrus ATM network worldwide.
    1. Valid for ANZ USD Savings Account with minimum monthly average balance of USD 10,000.
    2. ANZ USD Savings Account has to be the primary account linked to the ATM card that being used for withdrawal transaction in all ATM Cirrus worldwide.
    3. Free ATM withdrawal fee will be given in the form of cash back equivalent to IDR 25,000 per transaction.

PT Bank ANZ Indonesia (ANZ) is a subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZBGL).  ANZBGL is incorporated in Australia, and is an authorised deposit taking institution (Bank) under Australian law. ANZ is incorporated and licensed in Indonesia with limited liability, and is not a Bank under Australian law. Deposits or liabilities with ANZ are not deposits or other liabilities of ANZBGL or its related group companies, and none of them stand behind or guarantee ANZ.

ANZ is a bank that registered with and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority. This agreement has aligned with regulatory stipulation including Financial Services Authority Regulation.