ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft. Get more benefit from your deposit.

Get more from your deposit.

Introducing ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft
Now PT Bank ANZ Indonesia (“ANZ”) proudly presents a new product, ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft (CSOD), an overdraft facility with time deposit guarantee which offers you flexibility to access ready fund up to 90% from your time deposit.

By using ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft facility, you can enjoy these benefits:

1. Meet short-term fund needs without having to break your deposit account.
While you are enjoying the interest income from your deposits, ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft can disburse ready fund which can be used to meet your business needs or investment needs.

2. Provide flexibility of using CSOD fund.
ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft disburses ready fund to your account as an overdraft. This overdraft facility allows you the flexibility of using your fund and it can be depend on time period and total fund you needed.

3. Daily interest charges based on usage of CSOD funds.
Daily interest will be charged only on the utilized portion of overdraft.

Other than above benefits, also enjoy the convenience and advantages from ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft:
1. Comes with variety of foreign currencies option: IDR, USD, AUD, SGD and EUR.
2. Favourable interest rate compare to other loan types.
3. Quick and easy application submission and approval process.

General requirements:
1. Nominal limit of ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft facility is minimum IDR 100 Million and maximum IDR 10 Billion.
2. Maximum limit of ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft facility is 90% from deposit amount in the same currency.
3. Minimum tenor of deposit is 3 months and maximum is 12 months.

Enjoy the benefits of ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft facility from your time deposit now!

For further information:

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Terms and conditions:

  1. Applicant must be Indonesian citizen and working as a permanent employee, self-employed or professional.
  2. Minimum age is 21 years old and maximum age on the maturity date of the loan is 55 years old for employee and 60 years old for self-employed or professional.
  3. Has permanent job and regular income:
    1. Employee
      1. Has working experience at least 2 years.
      2. Has minimum income in accordance with ANZ requirement.
    2. Self-employed or professional
      1. Has experience in his/her business sector at least 2 years in a row with business license/practice permit as a proof.
      2. Has minimum income in accordance with ANZ requirement.
  4. Applicant must have deposit account in ANZ.
  5. Applicant must provide required copy of documents together with ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft application and ANZ is allowed to see the original documents when it’s required.
  6. Applicant must complete the ANZ Cash Secured Overdraft application form and provides required documents as ANZ requirements.
  7. Applicant is willing to sign loan agreement.
  8. This term and condition is an additional requirement of the condition and rules that are applied in ANZ and all the products.

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