ANZ MoneyLine


Flexible line of cash for all of your needs, whenever you need it.

Enjoy financial freedom to fulfil all of your needs and  to grab hold of your best opportunities both planned and unplanned with ANZ MoneyLine.

Extra cash of up to Rp 200 million

Ready-to-use cash loan at anytime for all of your needs.

Flexible Payment Arrangement

Have the freedom to choose your ANZ MoneyLine card payment; with Revolving Rate, Fixed Installment or combination of both.

Free Administration Fee

  • Free annual fee
  • Free cash withdrawal fee
  • Free transfer fee
  • Free installment fee
  • Free early payoff fee (for installment)

Wide ATM Network

Wide array of ATM network (ATM ANZ, ATM Bersama and ATM Prima) across Indonesia.

24-Hour ANZ Call Centre

To assist you in all of your ANZ MoneyLine needs such as, cash transfer to a bank account of your choice, installment conversion, billing statement information, etc.

Find out more about ANZ MoneyLine terms & conditions (PDF 204kB)

Revolving rate

ANZ MoneyLine's revolving rate is calculated by accumulating daily interest rate from the day transaction is made until the day full payment is received by the Bank. Effective 8 December 2014 enjoy rate as low as 0.1% per day.

Fixed installment

Fixed Installment calculation enables you to manage and plan your financial outflow:

  • Flexible choices of loan tenures from 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 to 60 months
  • Enjoy discount on interest charges with rate as low as 0.99% per month
  • Easy conversion process at no extra cost.

Telephone icon Call 24-Hour ANZ Call Centre (area code) 0804 1000 269 for the conversion process.

  1. Indonesian citizen, 21 – 55 years of age
  2. Minimum earning of Rp 4 million per month and have other Bank’s credit card with minimum limit of Rp 4 million.

Document Requirements:

  • Application Form (Original)
  • ID Card/Passport (Copy)
  • Tax ID (Copy)
Fees Charges
Late Payment Fee 6% of monthly outstanding transaction or
minimum IDR 150.000
Print of monthly statement1 IDR 10.000 per monthly statement
Printed billing statement fee IDR 15,000 per billing statement
Missing / damaged / stolen card IDR 50.000
Rejected cheque / auto-debit payment IDR 50.000

1Only of the last 3 months.

Stamp Duty
Payment Amount Stamp Duty
  • <= IDR 250.000
  • IDR 250.000 – IDR 1.000.000
IDR 3.000
  • >= IDR 1.000.001
IDR 6.000

Administration Fee

Type Charges
Annual Fee Free
Cash Advance Fee Free
Transfer Fee Free
Early Payoff Fee Free
Installment Fee Free

Learn more about ANZ MoneyLine payment method

What is ANZ MoneyLine's daily interest rate?

ANZ MoneyLine's daily interest rate is 0.1%. It is charged only on the amount that you use.

How does ANZ MoneyLine calculate total interest rate for its transactions?

ANZ MoneyLine calculates total interest rate on the accumulation of daily interest rate from the date cash transaction or cash transfer is made up to the date full payment is received by the Bank.

What is the maximum amount of cash that I can withdraw from the ATM?

The maximum amount of cash that you can withdraw will depend on the card limit that is approved and the policy of ATM's issuing bank. At the same time, Bank Indonesia (BI) places a maximum of IDR 10 million cash withdrawal per day at ATMs across Indonesia.

What can I do if I want to take out more than IDR 10 million in the same day?

To withdraw above IDR 10 million from your ANZ MoneyLine account, you can contact our 24-Hour ANZ Call Centre (area code) 0804 1000 269 and give instruction to transfer your ANZ MoneyLine card balance to your preferred bank account. Our call centre officer will assist you through the cash transfer process.

Can I use my ANZ MoneyLine card to pay purchases at retail merchants?
No, you can not swipe your ANZ MoneyLine card through an Electronic Draft Capture (EDC) machine.

How do I make payment for my ANZ MoneyLine card usage?

Payments can be made through a multiple channels such as auto debit, in-person payment at ANZ branch, cheque, ATM, phone banking, SMS banking and Internet Banking.

Payments made at ATM Bersama or ATM Prima using menu transfer (bank code ANZ 061) before 14.00 WIB will be booked by ANZ on the same day. Payments made using other channels take up 1 – 2 processing days until they are booked by the Bank. Please note that daily interest rate will continue to be charged until payment is received by the Bank.

What happens to my ANZ MoneyLine card limit after I had made payment for my card's usage?

Once ANZ receives your payment, your ANZ MoneyLine card limit will increase up to the amount that you have paid.

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