ANZ Home Loan. Refinance your mortgage and enjoy transparent rate for a better planned finances

1. Applicant must be Indonesian citizen and working as a permanent employee, self-employed or professional.

2. Minimum age is 21 years old and maximum age on the maturity date of the loan is 55 years old for employee and 60 years old for self-employed or professional. 

3. Has permanent job and regular income:

4. Applicant must have saving/current account in ANZ.

5. Applicant must have general Insurance to cover his/her collateral and life insurance in accordance with ANZ banker’s clause requirement.

6. ANZ only accept house and/or apartment as the loan collateral and the collateral must be in good and/or strategic location.

7. Applicant must provide required copy of documents together with ANZ Home Loan application and ANZ is allowed to see the original documents when it’s required.

8. Applicant must complete the ANZ Home Loan application form and provides required documents as ANZ requirements.

9. Applicant is willing to sign loan agreement and deed of granting security rights.

10. Instalment payment will be auto debit from respective Applicant’s ANZ operative account.

11. This term and condition is an additional requirement of the condition and rules that are applied in ANZ and all the products.

Following documents need to be prepared by applicant when applying ANZ home loan/ ANZ multipurpose loan:

No Personal documents Employee Self-employed Professional
1 Copy of applicant’s ID card Tick Tick Tick
2 Copy of spouse’s ID card (if married) Tick Tick Tick
3 Copy of Marriage Certificate / Divorce Certificate Tick Tick Tick
4 Copy of Family Registration card Tick Tick Tick
5 Copy of Taxpayer Registration Number Tick Tick Tick
6 Copy of Trade Business License - Tick -
7 Copy of Company Registration Certificate* - Tick -
8 Copy of Deed of Establishment/Amendment* - Tick -
9 Copy of approval/receipt of notification from Minister of Law and human rights* - Tick -
10 Copy of Practice Permit - - Tick
11 Original slip of latest salary/income statement Tick - -
12 Copy of bank account# Tick Tick Tick
13 Copy of seller’s ID card Tick Tick Tick
14 Copy of Land Certificate (Right of Ownership/Right to Build/Strata Title) Tick Tick Tick
15 Copy of Building Construction Permit Tick Tick Tick
16 Copy of Land and Building Tax Tick Tick Tick


If joint income, Spouse’s personal documents and documents related with Spouse’s occupation are required
Tick  =    Required
-     =    Not Required

* For legal entity (i.e. Perseroan Terbatas).
# For Employee, copy of payroll bank statement (last 3 months). For Self-employed and Professional, copy of main savings account (last 3 months).

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