ANZ Classic Card features

ANZ Spot

Turn wherever you are into rewarding moments. Discover an exciting world of ANZ Spot Privileges anywhere, all year long. Enjoy up to 30% off at 500 ANZ Spot in Indonesia & 2,200 ANZ Spot in Asia Pacific.

ANZ rewards

To show our true appreciation, we reward our loyal customers with a wide range of high quality products. Collect your rewards points through purchases using ANZ credit cards and redeem them with exclusive gifts from our rewards catalogue.

Learn more about ANZ rewards.

Fund transfer and cash advance service

You can make easy fund transfers from your ANZ credit card account to your other accounts at any bank in Indonesia just by calling our 24-Hour ANZ Call Centre.

For your convenience, you can also withdraw cash from all ATMs with a MasterCard Cirrus or a Visa Plus sign all around the world.

TeleShopping and TeleTravel

ANZ TeleShopping provides 0% interest installment facility with period up to 12 months for variety range of products from electronics to households. Contact our 24-Hour ANZ Call Centre for reservations.

As further benefit, you can also enjoy a 0% 3-month installment facility for all your travel plans with ANZ TeleTravel on (021) 93910269.

Annual fees

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