Insurance product provided by PT Panin Dai-Ichi Life Insurance to protect ANZ Cardholders monthly outstanding of credit card/Moneyline balance in the event of death due to any kind causes (accident/illness/other natural causes) or temporary/permanent disabilities due to illness/accident.

Product Benefit

Premium & Charges

Premium and charges will be followed ANZ Guard Policy including but not limited to premium fee, administration fee, bank commission, etc, and will be automatically deducted from your ANZ Credit Card/Moneyline.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Currency: IDR
  2. Insured's Entry Age: 21 - 64 years old (nearest birthday)
  3. Coverage period: up to Insured's age of 65 years old
  4. Guaranteed Acceptance underwriting mechanism, with Health Declaration stated on Application Form, saying that Insured is below 65 years old and physically and mentally healthy when Insured applies to be a credit card/Moneyline holder.


This policy does not cover any disability or death event caused or contributed to by

  1. Suicide, or any attempts thereat during 12 (twelve) months since the Effective date.
  2. Illness/Injury sustained or occurring prior to the effective date of the insurance.
  3. Congenital impairment.
  4. Illness sustained within 1 (one) month since Effective Date of the Insurance.
  5. Disease directly or indirectly caused by AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), or diseases related to AIDS (ARC/AIDS Related Complex).
  6. Illness/Injury arising as a consequence of an attempt of suicide, or a criminal act intentionally committed by parties who have an interest in this policy.
  7. Pregnancy and complications arising therefrom.
  8. Intentionally any drug abuse, alcoholic drinks, poison, gas and its kind.
  9. Accidents occurring as a result of hazardous sports or practicing for or taking part in defense contest, motor racing, boating and aviation or its kind, hang gliding, or scuba diving, etc.
  10. Riots, civil commotion, strikes, revolution, war (whether war be declared or not).


ANZ Guard is an insurance product issued by PT. Panin Dai-Ichi Life. PT Bank ANZ Indonesia ("ANZ") is only act as Selling Agent for ANZ Guard. ANZ Guard is not a product of ANZ so ANZ is not responsible for any or all claims and risks that will be raised from this portfolio product. ANZ Guard is not guaranteed by ANZ and its affiliates or by any government guarantee program of the Republic of Indonesia. ANZ is not responsible for the insurance policy issued by PT. Panin Dai-Ichi Life.

ANZ is a subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZBGL). ANZBGL is incorporated in Australia, and is an authorized deposit taking institution (Bank) under Australian law. ANZ is incorporated and licensed in Indonesia with limited liability, and is not a Bank under Australian law. Deposits or liabilities with ANZ are not deposits or other liabilities of ANZBGL or its related group companies, and none of them stand behind or guarantee ANZ. ANZ is a bank that registered with and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority.

Details explanation on product and charges can be found at the ANZ Guard Policy.