At ANZ, we always ensure that customers receive top-notch banking service. We are committed to become your "one-stop-shop-banking". With that in mind, we are pleased to introduced tax payment services which comprise:

  1. Import Tax
  2. Export Tax
  3. Non-Import Tax (VAT, WHT, ExciseDuty etc).

ANZ has become designated bank and foreign exchange designated bank. The benefit of tax payment through ANZ is you can perform payment in various ways, "same day value" and the payment system through channelling eTax.

Both corporation and individual can use the tax payment service at ANZ. We receive payment from customers with or without account with ANZ.

  1. Tax payments can be made by: Cash, Cheque/Giro ANZ Bank & others,Customer Account Debit Instruction or electronic banking.
  2. Cut off time for payment of tax is 3.00pm (local time).

Tax payments can be made at your nearest ANZ branch.


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