Structured Export Finance (SEF) entails the provision of finance solutions that incorporate Export Credit Agency (ECA) support for customers that are importing capital equipment and associated services.  It is most suitable for customers that have a credit rating such that the ECA credit enhancement may provide a benefit.

ECA support can also be utilised for projects with foreign equity investment (particularly investment from Japan and Korea) or for companies or projects exporting natural resources (again particularly Japan and Korea).

ANZ has over 30 years of experience in partnering with ECAs and has a strong track record in the delivery of complex cross-border export finance transactions.

SEF also leverages customer and country limits through Risk Transfer, which is available on account of the “comprehensive” (political and commercial risk) cover provided by ECAs. In an SEF transaction credit and country limits are recorded against the ECA, rather than the underlying borrower which conserves capacity for ANZ to do further business with its customers. This Risk Transfer often allows SEF to provide more cost efficient solutions with longer tenors than would otherwise be available.

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