We understand that managing your receivables is the key to maintaining a healthy cash-flow. Our solutions include.

Virtual Account

Suitable for companies with a large base of regular payors. You can:

Receivable reconciliations are made easier with an ANZ Virtual Account. The ANZ Virtual Account allows you to identify the payors of incoming funds from various sources such as cash, cheque, local transfer and telegraphic transfer. You may download the reports that you need to incorporate into your accounting system for reconciliation against your receivables.

Lock Box (also known as Drop Box)

Suitable for companies with a high volume of cheque receipts. You can:

Outsource your cheque collection with ANZ Lock Box. ANZ Lock Box allows you to do away with visits to the branch, manual reconciliation and data-entry.

Your customers simply mail their cheques to your office or to a designated postal mailbox. We will collect and process your cheques on your behalf. You may download reports from your ANZ Transactive login for uploading into your accounting system to reconcile against your receivables.

Cash Transit

Suitable for companies with high volumes of cash receipts

Now don’t lose sleep over your cash deposits. ANZ Cash Transit gives you peace of mind. We can manage your cash collections and also securely transport these collections to ANZ for deposit into your ANZ account.

Reports are provided which enable you to reconcile your cash collections with the amount deposited into your account.

ECS Debit

Suitable for companies with regular collections from the same payors such as those that collect monthly fees such as telecom bills, utility bills, etc. You can:

Take control of your collections and ensure that collections are received in a timely manner with an ECS Debit facility. Upon submission of an ECS Debit Authorisation form by the payee, and an approval of the linkage by the RBI and the remitter’s bank, you may initiate collection by submitting instructions to us via ANZ Transactive.

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