What is Security Device?

A. A Security Device enables you to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) for logon and online transactions. In addition, this Security Device comes with an enhanced security feature called Transaction Signing password for certain transactions such as adding payee.

Once you complete the registration of Digital Banking service, we will immediately send your Security Device to your address by registered mail.

How do I use the Security Device?

Steps to use the Security Device

Do I need to pay for the Security Device?

A. No. The new generation Security Device issued to you is complimentary.

How do I get a replacement for my lost or damaged new generation Security Device?

A. If you lose or damage your Security Device, please contact our 24-hour customer service hotline at +852 2176 8820 to request for a replacement.

What is an One-Time Password (OTP)?

A. An OTP is a 6-digit randomly generated PIN from your Security Device that is valid for a single time use only. It provides a second level of authentication when viewing account details or performing certain transactions.

What is Transaction Signing?

A. Transaction Signing provides you with an additional level of security for your online transactions. You will need to key in transaction specific information (sign-in number) into the new Security Device to generate a 6-digit One-Time Password (OTP). This OTP will then allow the transaction to proceed.

I have requested for a new generation Security Device but have not received it. What should I do?

A. If you have not received your new Security Device for more than 2 weeks, please call our 24-hour customer service hotline at +852 2176 8820 for assistance.

How can I correct my input in Security Device?

A. You can press the ‘OTP’ button to backspace and delete your last entry. If you would like to clear your previous entry, press and hold the ‘OTP’ button.

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