ANZ's high quality traditional banking solutions can be customised to suit your individual business needs.

Our products and services:

 Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is a contract in which you (the 'Lessee') have use of a selected piece of equipment for an agreed time frame in return for a series of rental payments to ANZ (the 'Lessor').

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Hire Purchase 

A Hire Purchase agreement is a contract by which ANZ (the 'Owner') conveys to the customer (the 'Hirer') the right to possess and use an asset and the right to acquire ownership of the asset by making progressive payments.

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Corporate Lease & Corporate Hire Purchase Facilities

ANZ's Corporate Lease facility takes your individual leases and incorporates them into a total asset management package. ANZ's Corporate Hire Purchase facility provides similar service for your hire purchases.

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Chattel Mortgage

Facility whereby Customer (the business entity) takes ownership of the goods upon delivery, with ANZ securing the loan by a charge over the goods. A charge is a form of security that places a mortgage over the financed goods.

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