Population: 173,456 (2007 estimate)
Languages: English is the official language
Ethnic Groups (2000 census): Chamorro 37.1%, Filipino 26.3%, Pacific Islander 11.3%, Caucasian 6.9%, Asian 6.3%, mixed 9.8%, other 2.3%


Guam is located in the north Pacific Ocean, 1500 miles to the east of Manila, Philippines (lat.13, long.144).


Currency: US dollar (USD)
GDP per capita: USD 15,000 (2005 estimate)
GDP growth: 3.65% (2007 estimate)
Exports: petroleum products, construction materials, fish, food, and beverage products


Government: Self-governing territory of the United States of America
Head of State: United States President, Barack Obama
Governor of Guam: Governor, Felix Camacho

Banking regulations

FDIC and Guam Banking Law


Guam tax code mirrors US tax codes