Convenient banking

Instilling a good savings culture is important for our future generation. Opening a savings account for your children while they're young can encourage a habit of financial responsibility, which can last a lifetime.

An ANZ Junior Access Account is available for individuals under 18 years of age to help with this important life lesson. If your child is over 14 years of age, the account can be linked to an ANZ Access Debit Card to give increased flexibility and responsibility in managing the account.

As an additional incentive to save, an ANZ Junior Access Account will earn interest each month when at least $10 is deposited and no withdrawals are made.

You can even set up automatic payments into the account on behalf of your children to help them save even faster.

Open an account now

Open an ANZ Junior Access Account on behalf of your child, visit your local ANZ branch or call +679 3213 000 to speak to an ANZ Customer Relations specialist today to learn more about the features of this account.

Terms and conditions available upon request. Fees and charges apply.