ANZ Fiji has a proud commitment to community involvement, and we support our communities in a variety of ways. Each year, we promote good corporate citizenship by actively participating in event sponsorships, volunteering efforts, and through the ANZ Staff Foundation.

ANZ sponsorship

Our sponsorship program allows us to actively demonstrate our commitment to local communities and to our customers. Our involvement makes our staff and customers proud to be part of ANZ Fiji.

Our strong and enduring ties with the Fiji community enable us to deliver extra benefits to our ANZ customers.

Volunteer Program

Community groups and charities need people who are willing and able to volunteer their time to help.

ANZ has a commitment to community involvement and wants each staff to do what they can to make a difference participating in causes that are important to them.

That’s why "The ANZ Volunteer Program" has been embedded into our culture, allowing ANZ staff to donate one full day of their time each year to a community organisation or charity of their choice.

Since the program was introduced in 2004, ANZ Fiji volunteers have helped a broad range of non-profit organisations by collecting for charities, helping build homes for people in need, renovating hospital wards, and much more.

ANZ Staff Foundation

The ANZ Staff Foundation is an exciting initiative that gives all Fijian staff the opportunity to make a real difference in our community.

Through the ANZ Staff Foundation, our staff are able to donate to community organisations through regular payroll deductions. Each time a donation is made, ANZ Fiji will match the donation dollar for dollar up to FJD 10,000 per year.

We thank our customers for the support that has enabled us to continue these important contributions to the Fijian community.