ANZ Web Pay gives you the ability to provide payment instructions over the Internet by using ANZ FX Online. You'll find it's a user-friendly, secure transaction environment, designed to protect your information exchanged over the Internet.

You select pre-advised beneficiary and account codes and obtain a FX rate online to make your international payment instruction - simple and convenient!

Step 1: Call us to register for personalised and convenient foreign exchange payments over the web.

Step 2: One of our sales team will visit you to explain how to use the service.

Step 3: Once you receive your personal sign-up kit, you are ready to make payments.

Contact us

If you'd like to contact ANZ Foreign Exchange or you need more information, there are two easy ways to reach us:

Telephone icon Call 1800 644 323

Enquire online icon Enquire online

Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply.

This product/service is suitable for businesses of all sizes.