Protect the value of  your investments.

ANZ Cobalt is a customised investment facility with features that allow you to fund, protect and enhance your investment in Australian and International listed Securities.



A range of strategies are available under ANZ Cobalt that enable investors to:

  • gain exposure to Australian or International listed Securities by entering into Loans or Options or both;
  • protect an existing portfolio of Australian or International listed Securities; and
  • seek to generate investment returns, by entering into Options over Australian or International listed Securities.
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ABN 11 005 357 522).
Deal Structure

A Loan under ANZ Cobalt can be used to:

  • fund the purchase of Securities (including through the exercise of Vested Employee Options); or
  • borrow against Securities that you already hold (not available to SMSF Investors).

A range of Options are available under ANZ Cobalt. You can use Options to:

  • protect the value of Securities; or
  • generate returns by buying or selling Options over Securities or Indices.
Investment Objective
To fund, protect and enhance your investment in Australian and International listed Securities.
Capital Protection
Choose to protect up to 100% of the current share price of your nominated securities at Maturity.
Your choice, ranging from 3 months to 5 years.
Wide choice of blue chip investments
Ability to select your own securities from ANZ's approved securities list.
Obtain all the benefits of share ownership
Receive all ordinary dividends, franking credits (if applicable) and potentially all capital gains.
Borrow to fund the acquisition of the nominated securities
Loan to fund up to 100% of your investment amount.
Key Risks

Transactions under ANZ Cobalt are complex investments that can carry high risk levels. Risks can include:

  • Leverage risk: leverage can magnify losses. Options and Loan Transactions can involve high leverage levels.
  • Market risk: Transactions are exposed to equity market risks and risks relating to the specific Security you select for a Transaction.
  • Early Termination: Protection does not apply in the event of Early Termination. You could incur substantial losses if you, or we, terminate a Transaction before Maturity.
  • Credit risk: the value of your investment in a Transaction is subject to our ability to perform our obligations which are unsecured.
  • FX risk: if you enter into a Transaction over International Securities there is a risk that foreign exchange rate movements could adversely impact your investment.
  • Adjustment Events: we have broad discretions to deal with Adjustment Events including Early Termination.
  • Guarantor risk: your Guarantors are liable for your obligations under Transactions.


Offer document
Product Disclosure Statement dated 1 April 2016.
Minimum investment
Minimum A$100,000 per nominated security, subject to a minimum Loan amount of $500,000. Note if you chose a protection level of 100% then ANZ will lend you 100% of the cost of the nominated security.
Expected Opening Date
This product is currently open.
Expected Close Date
There is no close date for this product.

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